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September 20, 2021, 10:26:58 pm

Area 28 Guide

Started by Roedran, February 14, 2005, 07:42:59 pm

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To get to the new alien playfields, go to ICC, run out the tunnel, keep going till you hit a large landing pad. You'll know it when you see it. Stand near the Beacon, and the shuttle will land once every 10 mins. Step into the blue pulsing circle, and you'll zone to the new area. Run down till you find the Unicorn Security Administrator and chat with him.

Area 28 PREP

Talk to Unicorn Security Administrator at the top and get access to Area 28. You'll get a mission. Come down to the mission gates to 28.

A Unicorn will soon say GATES OPEN, run up to the gate, and establish a portal. Right-click the portal to enter. DO NOT run into laser fense, wait till gatekeeper spawn portal and click on. If you try run -- you die instantly.


Zone in. You'll see the Rookie mob. Have your raidleader/someone with the mission talk to the Rookie. He says he will lead you to the BOSS he found, only if you give him 2M. 1M now, 1M when you get to the boss.

Do not mongo or attack this Rookie. Don't put him on follow either, like these guys...

If you attack him, he will kill anyone who aggored him, and shoot you a bit + Nuke for up to 50k depending on reflect.  He will also do this to anyone who tries to heal the aggroed player"  (the last part happends in any part of the game really.. if you aggroed rookie.. ur dead... dont drag anyone else down with you..)

The Rookie Hunter will run/jog/walk -- follow him. The mission is for you to protect the Rookie -- so only move when he does, keep your group on top of him and spread out around him.

Do not get in front of him. Once he reaches a laser gate, he will go through it -- WAIT for him to take the gate down, then follow him through it as a group. Aliens will be spawning all this time, be sure to kill them and be sure the Rookie isn't harmed. He will do this several times -- open gates for you -- so be sure not to surge too far forward.

[NOTE: If the Alien Rookie Hunter disapears or is killed during the raid he has been known to repop at the end again. You will then need to pay him another million to get him moving again.   All the laser gates you have allready gone trough will still be down and no new aliens will pop.]

Once you pass trough each laser gate you will have to clear each sector, more and more will spawn but the stretch has been known to be killed  with just 1 team of good players and the right keyprofs. But the boss will become too tough for just 1 team (at least yet..)


Once you get through the final laser gate that he opens for you, stay together as a group and do not run too far forward.

Somebody get me outta here!

The boss will spawn without you having to pay the last 1M. Adds will come as well, be sure to assist and take down the mobs as they come and keep your tank alive. You'll be turned into coccoons -- assist and kill them and the adds. Fun stuff!

POP goes the ATROX!

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