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September 20, 2021, 09:44:47 pm

Area 13 Guide

Started by Roedran, February 14, 2005, 02:33:15 pm

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Area 13 PREP

Talk to Unicorn Security Administrator at the top and get access to Area 13. You'll get a mission. Come down to the mission gates to 13. A Unicorn will soon say GATES OPEN, run up to the gate, and establish a portal. Right-click the portal to enter.  On the other side, work your way down with the group, swams of aliens here and there. DO NOT run into laser fense, wait till gatekeeper spawn portal and click on. If you try run -- you die instantly.

All doctors, add Epsilon Purge to a shortcut bar for later use.


Go in, kill MOBS. You'll reach the large open area.

Our tank pulls one alien, we all /assist on this ONE large alien mob. A doc needs to land Epsilon Purge on this and all of these mobs one at a time to rip off their shields and then we kill them.

Be sure to target and kill the mobs called Support -- they will then not be able to cast new reflect shields on the larger mobs. Once you pull the first of the larger mobs you'll see the Support arrive -- kill the Supports immediately. [Thanks Banishedsoul.]

Once they're dead, DON'T MOVE. The raidleader will open chat with the Unicorn on the top of the hill (run back to the tree then UP to find him and chat), and ask for the troopers to come in.

Do not attack these Troopers. Do not mongo, use AOE effects or snares, pet AOEs, NTs never use AOE nukes, no area heals. These area effects aggro the Troopers (DEVS fix this plez!) and they'll kill you.

Wait until the Troopers arrive (a min or two) and run around. Do NOT move. Wait for raidleader to say when it's time to go.


Before moving E to the boss once the troopers arrive, everyone MUST move to the rocks in the center of the clearing, press F1 to target themselves, then right-click the Biological Transceiver on the ground (green small unit) to get a nano in your NCU.

Be sure that you see "Nano Program Executed Successfully" and see the Protection nano in your NCU. Only then can you cross E and into the boss area. If you don't do this, you will die when you hit the gate.

Once boss dies and loot is rolled, you need to target/click another transceiver under the boss to leave the area without getting killed on the gates.

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Post-patch I had the protect nano with 4:30ish remaining. Ran to boss gate. Died. How fun.

Iron Roedran Will | 220 Soldier | Rimor | Shadow of Death


Adding here to it a little bit.

This boss isnt tough but he will spawn a lot of adds.

make sure you have a damage team with docs, advs, mas, sols, enfs. The rest of the raid needs to ensure that the adds get killed because there will about 40-50 when the general reaches 2 blobs. This is imperative that all stay on the adds because they will target the healers and tank team first. ive been in 5 raids to 13 and 3 have been successful. The others went bad because people wanted to stay on the general ( for loot maybe? no idea) and the adds killed everyone.
Once the adds are gone enjoi the loot.
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I think it's possible that you need to make sure that the last bar or
two of the general's health goes fast, cause I think he spawns adds
faster when he's close to death, and only stops spawning them when
he's dead. A good tank team and kill team should be fast enough, with
other teams still working on the adds. I think I've only been on one raid
here that went bad due to adds, and that time there were a *lot* more
adds than the other times I've been there.

Also, the successful raids that I've been on have been slightly different
than described above. We call in the troopers before engaging the
shielded aliens. The troopers engage the shielded aliens and then we
have a puller pull the support aliens out for the group to kill. I think there
are 4 supports. After they die, we wait a few minutes (5ish?) for the
shields to go down from the other aliens and then kill them. I think
that epsilon purge no longer works for stripping the shields, as of a
few patches ago.

The biological transceiver appears underneath the body of an alien
called something like Security Sergeant. It looks like a Hacker'Uri.
It seems to show up with a bunch of other aliens after the shielded
aliens aren't shielded any more. I'm not sure what the exact trigger is.
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