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Virral Memory Storage Unit

Started by herodotus2, September 02, 2004, 11:35:56 pm

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Anyone seen these things ?

Adds upto 125 NCU at QL 300.... slots in Deck 3 & 4 ... very nice :D


yep , seen them dropping from the big dudes just before you board the ship,  we got one that adds +110 ncu , and only req is a perk trainable at level 15, backyard tiwnks anyone :D ?


Got one QL277, dropped from the General that we defeated before being able to board the mothership.

It doesn't have that Comp Lit requirement ingame tho, before tonights patch that is, I'm guessing that's one of the things that is going to get fixed tonight.

Also heard rumors they can be equiped without having the Alien Technology Perk trained. But that's unconfirmed. Haven't tested myself.

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I got a ql 217 one, dropped from the General before board. Rightclicked and it fell right in place, without those perks trained. I guess that would be a nasty exploit tho, so its unequiped for the record. :)


I have one myself, equipped it without perks too, oddly enough. Very nice indeed. Dropped off the General.



Got mine off a general awell, thx to Alpha Omega :)


Humm, I had a QL 202 one, and I had to have expertise #2 perk before it let me equip it.  It wouldn't let me equip it at first perk, just showed up as an X.  

Just what the heck is the difference in what you are allowed to equip with the various levels of that perk? Higher QL's?

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I put mine in pre-patch, so that may have something to do with it. No way am I taking it out now  :lol:

Remember it can only go in 2 slots.



Hve seen many drop... think of every general i see but never got rolled one for myself :(
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Yes I have one.....it doesn't show any comp lit req but there is one.  Depending on the ql it will be around 800-1000.  I found this out by trying to put it on a lvl 15 toon.


up untill last patch they had no req to equip, now they do


they always had reqs but used to be hidden reqs
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