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September 20, 2021, 11:00:20 pm

This Means Furniture

Started by Fatranger, September 25, 2004, 08:34:17 am

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Well, since AI is a social expansion, what good would a social expansion be without new furniture?

At any rate, this new furniture I discovered while toying around with the Pietro Molla quest.  

As was stated in an earlier thread, it is possible to start this quest from the wife's point of view.  That is what you will want to do.  To recap, Gianna Molla can be found at 1289x2980 East Last Ditch in Stret West Bank.  This is where you'll be starting the quest.  It is not a very long one, you just have to be careful what you click for responses to here questions.  

Start of by saying "Hi there!" to Gianna.  Then say "No, I don't recall the name, so I don't think I've met him."  Then, "I'm afraid I still don't remember anyone like him." The first part is pretty linear, however it's after this where the dialouge trees go a little awry.

Respond to Gianna by saying "I know they are bad, but I haven't heard of any abductions though!" Respond to her conspiracy theory with "Who are they?  You really don't think someone is trying to hide what happened to your husband?"  Respond to her again with "Do you want help to find your husband?"  And follow the dialouge tree out until she gives you the quest to find Pietro.

Now it is time to fly up to Aegean to talk to Pietro Molla.  He can be found East'ish of the Rhinoman Village at coords 535x347.  Be careful not to target Pietro before you start the dialouge, or else you will get a return item mission, and lose the necessary dialouge tree, and will be forced to start the mission over.  

Once you are ready to start talking with Pietro follow this dialouge tree.  Start out by asking "Are you Pietro Molla?"  Respond with "Ah, Excellent! I've been looking all over for you!"  Respond to his curiousity of you working with his wife with "Your wife?" This seems odd, but it is how the dialouge tree plays itself out in the necesary fashion.  Respond to his certainty of the marriage being over with "No, your wife didn't send me."  Who said lying didn't get you anywhere?  Pietro will respond by giving you his wedding ring.  Then play the dialouge tree out, you can play the messanger for him if you choose.  It doesn't matter at this point, you recieved what you came for, so go back to Gianna now. Also, before you leave make sure you click on Pietro that will change the mission from a find person, to a return item.

Gianna will play stupid if you did not target Pietro directly, however you can just give her Pietro's ring and she will then "reward" you with a piece of This Means Furniture.  She says you can bring it back to Pietro, however I received a "I don't recognize this item" message when I gave it to him.  So I assume this is either the end of the quest, or it is bugged.  But, there ya have it, the new social furniture that everyone was looking forward to!

If you find out any additional information about this quest let me know.  I'm interested if this actually goes anywhere, or if it is just another quest like social clothing to get items for aesthetic purposes.  *Shrug* Let us know what you find if anything.  

Have fun with the new furniture.

Evil White Ranger

Be aware there's also new furniture in Bazzit's shop..

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