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Alien Encounters without guild

Started by Alien Investigator, September 17, 2004, 08:01:01 am

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Alien Investigator

When SL opened it was easy, you paid to use a portal and you were there, or you used the ring of ergo and were put in Elysium and you were there with monsters to fight and neat new missions.  With AI, well there is a gap.

If you are in a guild and higher level you can get random or provoked alien attacks when a city ecm is dropped.  If you happen to be a mostly solo player, the only chance you get is in the ICC training area.  As it stands now there is growing dissatisfaction among the many players that don't have a guild, or for whatever the reason don't like guilds.  There are many players that are not in guilds at all that are getting no alien encounters at all. Some are just individualistic solo players, part time players, but some are long time dedicated players that began when the game was beta.   The problem lies in that presently there is no way for thses players to even have an alien encounter at all no matter how much they desire one. If they are lucky they might have a friend in a guild who might actually be present for an alien attack.  This means in short that a lot of 'ifs' have to be met in order for any alien encounters at all.  

This means that part of the player base from which FC gets profit are rather disenfranchised with the game period and feel left out as a loose but rather large group of players.  Bottom line is no encountes, why play, or even keep AI,  With SL, large new playing fields opened for players to explore, this isn't the case with AI...... but the potentials exist for it to happen. :evil:

How one may ask? There are several possibilties. We know what problems the are found with static dungeons, but we also see a large number of new static dungeons goe empty in SL. Why? no hook to draw players in.  IF the game designers want to keep players [and FC to continue profits]  They could put in something really special in those un visited static areas that would make them desireble id items unique and unsual.

How does this relate to AI? Simple, turn the entire mother ship into a static dungeon with access randomly drawn by random drops of raider ships near or even in cities.  Players randomly gather as teams, meet and defeat raiders, get on the raid ship, beat the commanders, tap the navigation gear, and get on the mother ship.  This could be done at several player levels, that some players that are higher can't even get on a little scout ship to the ships that are scene now with admirals.

The point is that if the individual players that there are many of don't have a way to get an alien enouchter they will become [and have already become] dissillusioned and move to other games.   :?

Taking and inspiration from movies, aliens might just randomly drop and hunt, after all people are harder to hunt then animals, a lone player deffeats a small alien attck group and gets on ship, and leaves to alien mother ship.  Inspired by fiction and movies the alien mother ship could be made enormous inside with parts that are just lwoer levels to parts where the invasion leaders reside. Mission lines like the bazzit quest implies could be followed.    Right now people gather some places looking for team, what if a mission that is drawn from a machine, involves alliens? the team draws a mission such as aliens are landing x location, stop them, gather information or use nasty viral nanos to hurt aliens, etc.  The reward for such missions coudl be alien tech.  If a way could be found to get players say to a scout ship that raids the mother ship could also be made, or even a space station that is a jumping off point for alien missions.  :idea:

Final Word.  FC needs to find some way to get all players to buy into the alien experince beyond new clothes and an alien device, or the expansion will fail badly no matter how nice it appears.  One other little thing, allow players that help a guild to fight alliens have a chance to get to be part of teams that go on alien ships. If a player was involved in stopping alliens from raiding a friends alien encounter they become just a bit depressed they can't go on while the rest of their friend enter an alien ship.

What i hope from this topic is that people throw out ideas to make the aliens accessable to everyone, not the limited few as it stands now. Put your ideas in! :idea:  8)
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maybe if FC opened up a new channel, like 'alien encounter/attack/defend' or something, and implant alien attacks on big cities like Tir, Rome etc.

what about alien crashsites, alien ships that were shot down by defenders on rubi-ka. we could for instance get a message on the new channel about where and how many the aliens are at the attack or at the crash site
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I belive FC should fix this problem very soon becuse they did not give any warning that you had to have an org or your $30 is a waste. im sure they will thik of a good soloution.


To be houner this cant be even called a expansion.... just look good at AI.... what new you see? Only few new monsters (aliens) new weapons, and few new trade skills processes, and lets look good at this aliens... what is teh new of them when we avoid this that they look diferent from teh other mobs ... ohhh yeh i forgot the aliens ship that you going on it... and what kinda ship is that? Nothing this is just a NORMAL OLD fashion RK missions but in green color, this more likly look like a new patchy then a expansion... hope FC will think about it and will do somthing becouse this is just not good...