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Guard Houses - worth it ?

Started by Billa, September 15, 2004, 06:20:18 pm

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We have a city, but havent build any guard houses yet.

Are the higher lvl guards good..do they hit hard, take aggro..die easy .. ?

Is it worth to build a ql 300 guard house would be my question...
As far as i know these guard houses doesnt give and advantages to the guild either..

I can also mention that we are a smal guild so more damage on boss\ mobs would help us with the time limit on boss since we are few online..


I think guards are bugged. They can attack players, for example - enf monged --> got agro from guards. Or is here anything which i dont know ?


thats not a bug thats a  simple game mechanic feature, if you taunt somthing that is non-player it will attack you , just like normal guards in normal cities mongo will have them attack you.  

We have 3? ql 300 guard towers i think, they help sometimes,  most of the time they wander off away fromthe aliens and get lost.  I saw one lastnight kill 3 aliens who were at the CC by themselves while we delt with the large cluster near the landing site, it was pretty cool.  Then when we were on the general my aoe attacks (1hb perks and avalanche) were enough for the guard to start attacking me instead of the general.  Normally that wouldnt be a big deal but ql 300 ones do a fair ammount of dammage.


We destroyed our Ql 246 & 300 Guard Houses....its much easier dealing with the Aliens without Guards that attack your doc.... :roll:
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Maybe it will fix, some1 know it ?


I`m a doc lvl 210 when we had an attack and guards are near to me... i got agro only from healing.... i just dont get it why.... when i heal someoen at the big cityes whit guards arond i dont get agro from guards but i get from our... for that after one of this guards attacks on me... i just fired them :))


Yes, i think its bug. I can understand if u cast mongo, but only heal ...


I have used the guard as a tank on the general once .. lets say we where 6 squichy high lvl chars that wanted to try out do a alien raid as 200+ chars but without a real doc and tank. and not be 20+ people at the raid.

It worked great using the guard as a tank thow. So dont dismiss the idea of having guard houses as it is it depend on how you use them i guess.

Reason for getting the aggro as a Doc is usualy that someone have pissed it off eather by doing dmg of getting aggro from the guard. and then sins it become hostile at that point if doc heal aggro exeed then doc gets it.

Atm i have 4 guard houses in our town and 2 are ql 300 1 is 210 and 1 is 25X something. usualy it is our 25X one that makes a problem for enfos when mongoing .. sins it is parked almost beside our CC i have been thinking on eather move guard house or just try and figure out how the guards are designed in travel sense it seams they have some sort of range from the guard house like a i can walk around in this zone untill someone pisses me off rule.

But i have to say the ultimate solution here would be guards shouldnt be able to attack own people period.. only Omnis from our neighbooring part of the town hehe /me waves to AD2.. Kidding offcource but stil something worth thinking on i gues!!!
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