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Nano Input Hoods

Started by Zeca, September 07, 2004, 10:18:09 am

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Any idea of how bad the droprate is on the "Inactive Nano Input Hood".  If people are just now starting to make the hoods, must be pretty bad.

Also, what type of alien drops them?


Of all the raids AIL have held, not a single hood have dropped to my knowledge :\

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found 2 hoods on regular aliens during a Tir raid last week I think it was. Only time I have seen them drop.


Hood drops of regular aliens.. not a boss. Drop rate is rare, prolly 1/30 or 1/50 raids

Edit: not so sure now.. had 3 drop in last 4 raids. either had bad luck b4 or just realy good luck now. They might have had forgoten to add them to loot tables, but were added in this most recent patch.


Last patch aparently changed something cause we found 2 hoods on last raid


Made a Phasing last night, talk about ugly, but it will work i needed the MC TS bonus


It doesn't look bad on Sol but it looks horrid on Opi... makes the head extra huge and the face is bigger then the body on some people!