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September 20, 2021, 10:40:29 pm

Pietro Molla Quest ( COMPLETE )

Started by herodotus2, September 06, 2004, 05:24:47 pm

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Well picked up on this, this morning and thought I'd have a stab at it :D

  • Talk to Pietro Molla
    Pos: 535.7, 346.2, 15.0, Area: The New Road. UTC: Mon Sep 06 09:13:14 200 ( Aegan South, next to Rhinoman Village )

    He wants you to deliver some divorce papers to whose wife. If you continue chatting with him he tells you that her previous name was Gianna Perugino

    He will give you this :

    Pietro's Envelope
    Description: "For Mrs. Gianna Molla" This envelope no longer looks to be sealed"

  • Talk to Gianna Molla / Gianna Perugino
    Pos: 1286.7, 2980.3, 0.0, Area: East Last Ditch. UTC: Mon Sep 06 15:12:34 2004

    Speak to Gianna and deliver the bad news :(
    She will give you a her wedding ring to return to Pietro

    Gianna's Wedding Ring   
    The inside of the ring bears the inscription "For you alone. Pietro."

  • Talk to Pietro Molla
    Hand him the ring as proof of delivery of the divorce papers and you will get your reward... get ready... its a truly amazing reward !! :D

    An Omni-Tek Trash Can

    LOL...   :shock:   :shock:  

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There's got to be more to this... Pietro says he's going to visit his friend Todd in Borealis at the end, but didn't find a Todd.  Also Gianna says she's gonna get him back... and he needs getting back.  He stole an Omni-Tech trashcan, and that merits death.

So I got the trash can using the walkthrough above, then looked for this "Todd" guy without luck.

Went to the wife again, and you can start the quest from her end, and help her find her husband.  So then went back to husband, didn't let on I knew the wife, *he gives me his wedding ring* and divorce papers to give to his wife.

But when you get back to wife, she doesn't recognize you, and is all "hello stranger have you seen my husband".  So here I am with both wedding rings.  Does FunCom have a master plan?  Or will I be stuck with Pietro's wedding ring?

I return to Pietro, give him his exwife's ring (again), he gives me another trashcan.  Yes, I now STILL HAVE Pietro's wedding ring, and it isn't even sellable.  I also have two Omni-Tek trashcans.  Oh, the riches.


If you talk to Pietro and play dumb, he will give you his wedding ring. Take it to Gianna.


How on earth do u get his ring? Either I get the papers, or I get squat.
But I can get her to ask for the ring :|


Just click the Give Item button, and hand it to her.


There are two different rewards: if you talk to giana first and go to find her Husband, then get back to her with the Papers he hands you and take the ring to him, hell give you a chair.

If you talk to pietro first, hell send you to his wife, shell give you her ring and he gets you a trashcan.

Talk to Giana first -> Chair
Talk to Pietro -> Trashcan.


Quote from: "Ianjier"Just click the Give Item button, and hand it to her.

I can't, cause
Quote from: "Pope"Either I get the papers, or I get squat.