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Investigator Marciello's Quest ( COMPLETE )

Started by herodotus2, September 06, 2004, 11:55:37 am

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Reward : Body Heat Pattern Analyzer

This tool is used to process the Bio Mesh material so that it utilizes its full potential when it comes to regulating body heat.

NOTE: Before you start the quest you will need one of these "Personal ID Data"

To make it combine an ID-Extracter and an Expendable Hologram Camera.  ( Both Store Purchaseable )

  • Talk to Investigator Marciello
    Pos: 1590.3, 2817.6, 31.4, Area: Meetmedere Forest. UTC: Mon Sep 06 09:51:06 2004 ( Next to save term. )

    He's investigating a crime. A bartender at Neuts r' Us is constantly being stalked and killed ( she never dies so don't fear ) :D

    Before he will reveal any more information to you he wants you to scan your ID-Data with Marciello's ID Scanner.

    He also mentions that to get your own personal ID-Data use an ID-Extracter on an Expendable Hologram Camera.  

    + =  

    By combining your ID-Date on the Marciello's ID Scanner you should get a signed contract.

    Hand him the Contract and the Scanner and he will tell you more about the crime and that the following people are on his list of suspects :
    Gilbert Glove, Fritz, Simon Stark, Imelda Dane, Mary-Ann, Herbalist Gerard, Ethel Anthony, Penelope Magistrale

  • Find The Person Who Stalked and Killed the Lady at the Bar
    After enquiring about all the suspects ! ( long time chatting :D )

    He will give you an ID Disc

    You will then need to tag the person you suspect :D ( Real Sherlock Holmes stuff :D )

    He makes mention of a bar tender getting a piece of red cloth from the suspect.

    Head to Neuters R' Us Bar in Newland
    Pos: 446.1, 340.0, 25.0, Area: Newland City. UTC: Mon Sep 06 15:35:02 2004 ( South of the Whompas )

    After a chat with the bar tender it turns out a few of the suspects had a drink or to that night after continuning conversations with other people in the bar you learn that :

    People wearing red
    Simon Stark
    Herbalist Gerard
    Ethel Anthong
    Penelope Magistrale

    People drinking whisky

    Gerard seems to be the only person wearing red, and drinking whisky. 2 key facts that the Investigator mentioned.

  • Tag Herabilt Gerard
    Pos: 2813.1, 1679.6, 16.5, Area: Rhinoman Valley. UTC: Mon Sep 06 15:49:30 2004
    Trade Gerard the ID Disc

    and your mission will update, telling you to update the Investigator with progress on the investigation.

  • Talk to Investigator Marciello
    Update the Investigator with your progress and he will offer to take over the investigation and in return reward you with a Body Heat Pattern Analyzer


It looks like Murderer is random. In my quest Herbalist wasnt drink whiskey.
So who was drink whiskey u can check at bartender but who was wearing red should tell you Misa Ramirez in same bar


I confirm that you must talk to all 3 ppl to know murderer, because it's really random. Note all names and tag good one :)


You need to GIVE the ID to the suspect, not to TAG him with it.

Amazingly, in my mission, 2 suspects had drunk whiskey and were wearing red clothes...so i had to choose random..took the nearest, Emelda Dane next to the bar. It worked.



it s used in some new social clothes crafting


Already widely known but not mentioned here: from talking to people at Neuters you get 2 people wearing red and drinking whiskey, one male and one female. The good time party mixer outside will give you the gender of the suspect.
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Made the quest , the woman in red driking wisky was "Ethel Anthong" but she doesnt let me open the drop item windows :-)

Nice !

... and here we go again ...