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Uncle Bazzit Quest ( COMPLETE )

Started by herodotus2, September 03, 2004, 03:30:56 pm

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NOTE: This is a Lengthy Quest ( about 6hrs ) allow yourself plenty of  time for this :D ( you can do it in smaller chunks, and I've included suitable break points for you )

Also before you start this quest make sure you have a Hacker Tool

You will need it !!! ( These can be bought in any store and QL doesn't seem to matter, for the purpose of this guide I used a QL160 one ( Thank you Sprotcha :D ))

Reward One :

Bazzit's Alien Library ( See Stage 4 )


Stage One ( 1.5hrs )

  • Visit Uncle Bazzit in his workshop in Meetmedere
    (Pos: 1546.6, 2723.2, 31.2, Area: Meetmedere. UTC: Fri Sep 03 13:29:42 2004)
    After some talking he gives you "unknown device"

  • Talk to Deidre Lux
    Pos: 1260.0, 2845.1, 0.0, Area: East Last Ditch. UTC: Fri Sep 03 13:41:53 2004 ( SWB )
    After some talking and looking at the "unknown device" She gives you a weapon to return to the Vanguards.
    Make a note of what frequency she wants it tuned to. You'll need this for later

  • Talk to Ramon Bauer
    Pos: 502.9, 565.4, 11.9, Area: Old Athen East. UTC: Fri Sep 03 14:23:50 2004 ( OA Grid Terminal )
    NOTE: This will be one of the most frustrating parts of the quest, since this NPC is very easily aggro'd and is liable to be running anywhere over OA depending on where his target died :D

    When you finally get to show him the gun, he will ask for a favour and give you a Modified Tracking Device

  • Target Commander Kend Ash
    Pos: 413.4, 405.9, 40.4, Area: Trade District. UTC: Fri Sep 03 14:32:10 2004 ( Omni Trade Whompas )
    NOTE: Another difficult point in the quest, since this is in Omni terriortory and omni's find it ammusing to get PvP flagged ( because naturally you'll get flagged in Trade with a guard hitting you ) and ambush you as you try and tag the Commander.  n/m you can return the favour when they visit OA 8)

  • Talk to Ramon Bauer
    Hand him the Modified Tracking Device
    He will then tune the weapon for you, he needs to know the frequency though. Hopefully you made a note :D

  • Talk to Deidre Lux
    Hand her the weapon. You will then need to do a quest to become a member of the "smokers lounge". You will need a hacking tool

    At this point you can take a break, and come back to the quest at a later date.

Stage Two ( 2 Hrs )

You will now need to complete a mini-fixer type quest to gain honourary membership to the "smokers lounge" an exclusive club that you need to be a member of in order for the Bizzit quest to proceed. This is a serious of quick tests, so make sure you have allowed yourself time to do this.  ( You have about 1hr to do each mission of several missions )

Right click your Hacker Tool on the next 3 mobs, to progress the mission.

  • Cyborg Lieutenant Colonel
    Pos: 1400.9, 532.3, 44.7, Area: Mort Crater. UTC: Sat Sep 04 01:41:00 2004 ( Can be found wandering at the Ruins on Mort Crater nr. Sentinals grid exit )

  • Cyborg Brigadier General
    Same location as above

  • Prototype Inferno
    Inside Cyborg Barracks, Great Tir County.
    NOTE: This is the same mob that alot of soldiers kill for the soldier weapon. 20 mins spawn timer. Make sure your there early :D

  • Talk to Deidre Lux
    Hand her the hacker tool and in return, after some adjustments she'll give you a Linked Hacker Tool

    At this point you can take a break, and come back to the quest at a later date.

Stage Three ( 4 Hrs )

  • Talk to Deidre Lux
    Show her the Linked Hacker Tool, and she will give you a mission to bring back a Vanguard Node Access Card. The mission is like a regular pick up mission, simply upload the coords and complete the mission.

    NOTE: Get your blitzing shoes back on. Mine was a lvl 250 mission ( I assume / hope this is relative to your personal level ) , so unless you want to spend hours killing lvl 250 mobs learn to blitz :D

    You should eventually find Vanguard Node 19 Access Card in the mission

  • Talk to Deidre Lux
    She will give you another mission, this time to hack into the Vanguard Node Controller.

    This is a find mission. You will eventually find a post in the mission which you can interface with. Its quiet tricky to navigate through chat, but basically you need to print the logs out after you've deleted the records for Uncle Bizzit.

    Be sure you have these

    "These are logs  pulled from the Vanguard 19 Node hack. These logs contain no references of any kind to Uncle Bazzit."

    and NOT

    "These are logs  pulled from the Vanguard 19 Node hack. The logs contain references to transactions made on Uncle Bazzit's account."

  • Talk to Deidre Lux
    Show her the logs, and she will reward you with a Hackre Club Affiliate Card

    Continue chatting with her and ask her for further info. on the  "uknown device" Bazzit gave you. She will contact Ofoz and confirm the device as a Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer

    Continue chatting until you get to a point where you say "I must tell Bazzit about this"...

    You'll get a new mission to "update Bazzit on your progress"

  • Visit Uncle Bazzit in his workshop in Meetmedere
    Talk to Uncle Bazzit and show him the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer.
    Keep talking to him and he will eventually give you a mission to show Ofoz your affliation with the Smokers Lounge.

  • Talk to Ofoz
    Pos: 686.8, 580.0, 66.8, Area: Borealis. UTC: Sun Sep 05 13:39:52 2004
    Talk to Ofoz and show him the Hackers Club Affliate Card. He will then ask for the Analyzer, and then ask you to hack into an Omni Node for more information.  He will give you a remote Access Hacker Tool for the next mission.

    Right-Click this tool on the Omni-Tek Node you will find in the mission, and you should be rewarded with some Omni-Tek Node Logs

    Return to Ofoz

  • Talk to Ofoz
    Show Ofoz the logs and keep talking with him, ask him all about the "Unicorns" and eventually he will give you a mission to speak with Sirocco.

  • Talk to Sirocco
    Pos: 210.8, 216.6, 8.0, Area: Old Athen West. UTC: Sun Sep 05 15:14:00 2004 ( SW Corner of OA )

    Show him the card, and select "The Truth must be found..." in chat, then "The Smokers Lounge Care and are organised" Then show him the device. Keep talking and he will go on about Dr. Zibell and Dr. Krank. Then select "I have to tell Uncle Bazzit about this"

    New mission.

  • Talk to Uncle Bazzit in his workshop in Meetmedere

    Show him the Analyzer and finally you will be rewarded with the Bazzit's Alien Library.

    At this point you can take a break, and come back to the quest at a later date. ( You deserve a break by now )

    NOTE: You can continue the quest if you wish to find out a bit more about the analyzer and also receive a five slot belt as a reward item. I will complete the rest of this quest later due to RL stuff, for now here is the rest as written by Trgeorge.


Quote from: "Trgeorge"Ramon being true to Vanguard cause, don't want to reveal info for free. But talk about luck, he has some mission for you. All you have to do is to retrieve Stolen Goods. He'll then share information (free of any additional charge), revealing that he bought that device from Eco Red in Aegean at 626,1150.
Red isn't it former self...he transformed into hippie-like blubermouth. Just enquier about ecosystems and local wildlife...option to ask about this device will present itself. Unforunatly he too is extremly busy and would really apreciate if you'd do him small favor, while he tries to remember about this device. So you set out, equiped with Scanning Device after some local wildlife (must be scaned in proper order). You can find Hammer Beast roaming around south part of Aegean, Rollerat in Clan BY, Monolith Bluebag in Warmint Woods (lvl 60 dyna west of whompa), VultureFeuder SW of Hope,BS and Grass Snake in Omni BY. Now Red tells you what he knows about Alien crash and admits it was really his friend Zibell the wanderer from Central artery valley at 3435,2650, who found this device. So now's time for trek to CAV.
*Here's little advice/spoiler. Zibell and Dr.Krank are, well, they'd be called excentric if they would be rich. You can bypass most of conversation just by trading needing item to them. You'd miss some interesting conversation tho. *
Strike conversation with Zibell and try making him talk about Dr.Krank. When he starts to relax as he splits about his counterpart, you feel it's good time to ask about Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer. Sure he could tell you about how he got it, but you shouldn't wind him up about Dr.Krank, this is only thing he can think about atm. Only option is to get rid of "good" doc. At this point you could go talk to Dr.Krank, but he won't share any information and deffinitly won't buldge. (Here's friendly tip from Minimalist....I sure couldn't find any info what to do next ingame).
Travel back to Aegean and visit old friend Dodga Demerzel at 610,1120. Ask him about his work for CoT and about personel shortage. He does have Omni-Tek Personnel Transfer Application and upon learning that it would help Uncle Bazzit, he'll gladely share it with you.Now get back to CAV and visit Dr.Krank at 2965,1315. He won't be trilled about receiving transfer, but que serra, besides he probably won't remember it anyway the next day.
Now Zibell is prepared to talk about device and you learn that it wasn't him who found it (I'll leave you task to dig this out ). And it's wrong man, you're talking too, other fruitcake might be more autority on Kyr'Ozch.
Just revist Dr.Krank and force device upon him...he'll share information and even ql100 Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material to test it on. With cycle closed you can return to Uncle Bazzit, who'll reveal some dark secret from the past and donate you Overclocked Belt Component Platform for your troubles (yes, you can keep device you greedy mamal).

Finnaly couple of warnings....quest is buggy and at times you must use proper wording to continue it (It's not obvius choise). There is also problem with Omni taging Ramon and pulling him away, tho breaking conversation/quest. If anything like that happens or a timer runs out, you can pick up quest from Deidre....just say you want to inform Uncle Bazzit about findings and you'll pick it up from there. Also missions from Ramon to Red, Red's tagging one, from Red to Zibell don't delete/finish. Due to those factors it's possible that fix/change in quest will be introduced somewhere in future.


Big thank you to GM Yakomo for helping me out earlier today.

Check this bad boy out :D

Thank You !!


Quote from: "herodotus2"There is also problem with Omni taging Ramon and pulling him away, tho breaking conversation/quest.

Same on the omni side with Kend Ash. And remember to take your reflect shield off when you zone in an opposite side town, or you ll be pvp enabled when attacked by guards. Some bored players might take the oportunity for an easy pvp count while you are stuck in your yal.

it s strange btw that you can t do anything in a yal (attack, perks) but still can reflect damage...game mechanism issue here.


I'm enfo... I always got a reflect shield on, it's part of my perks and towers.


When trying to talk with dodga, he wont open a talk window...just repeat "Dodga Demercel: Hmm...  Right.   Let me think about this for a while, I will send you word if I come up with something."

Looks like your path was unexpected by funcom and fixed last patch...so for the moment, nobody knows how to "get rid of Dr Krank'


Yeah, as of this point, Dr Krank is unattackable. I've literally hit a brick wall.

Should have read that mission spoiler a little more closely...and when you talk to zibbel some more he hints that you should get him moved.

However talking to dodga, he's stonewalling me too.

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A few corrections from the quest quote ;

Feuder Vultures are sw of home, not hope.
For omnis, you need to talk to Alvin in Lush Hills, not Dodga.



General of Omni-Tek Secret Service
City in Southern Artery Valley, Rimor
QL 300 Large HQ Placed-9/12/2004.



Addendum to the bit about the Vanguard node:

In the mission where you are to find the node for Deidre Lux, the node cons as a monster, and is marked with a red dot on your map. Makes it much easier to find. :)

EDIT: The Omni node you have to find for the fixer in Borealis doesn't show up on the map, making it a bit more difficult to find.
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Alvin won't talk to me either, I sent in a petition about it...I'll let you all know how THAT turns out.

CORRECTION: Thank you vortex for straightening me out.  I did that part of it, and I completed the rest of the quest to get the Overclocked Belt Component Platform.  

Just a hint folks, it isn't worth it to get it because it only has five slots...if I were you all I would just do the quest up to the point where you get Bazzit's Alien Libary.

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QL 300 Large HQ Placed-9/12/2004.


Two notes.

Eco Red quest is currently broken and verified broken by GM Haitte. Upon tagging the last mob you will not recieve a new mission to return to Eco Red or be properly flagged so you will be stuck.

Also, As a 201 engineer i was given awfully high level missions. Especially the mission from Ramon Bauer before coming to Eco Red was a 250 mission. Slightly overkill for a 201 engie imho.

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A couple observations -

As an Omni, all references to Kend Ash and Ramon Bauer in the excellent guide above should be switched. It's Kend Ash that gives you a mission to tag Ramon.

When you are hacking the Vanguard node, to get rid of references to Uncle Bazzitt, you want the "Purge" function, not "Delete". If you use "Delete", it deletes the record alright, then it finds a backup, restores the file, and notifies security!

Toward the end of Stage 3, when you bring the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer back to Uncle Bazzitt, choose the option that asks about the OT department involved. If you choose the "pursue other clues" option, it deadends, and you get no follow-on mission.

If this happens, however, all is not lost. Just go back to Dear Deirdre, and you can pick up the conversation at "I'd like to know more about this machine for Uncle Pervy, err, Bazzitt." She will then give you the "talk to Uncle Bazzitt" mission again.
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You should definately post what you need to say in the chat with the Node..


Quote from: "snurre"You should definately post what you need to say in the chat with the Node..

1. trade the Hacked Vanguard Node 19 Access Card
2. Choose 'Accounts' option
3. Choose the second option, i dont remember it but it should list uncle bazzit's account on the screen
4. Choose 'purge' option
5. Print, u ll receive the logs and the device will selfdestruct.

I ll add more details when i ll redo the quest (sorry i don t remember all the details :-s)
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