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September 20, 2021, 10:36:16 pm

Unidentified Toxin

Started by Fixbutte, September 03, 2004, 01:11:45 pm

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Ok after writing about in in this thread, i decided to put it here as well.

When you loot Unidentified Toxin from some alien body, you can take it to Herbalist Gerard â€" 2800x1670, NLD (the guy you visit for the social clothing part). If you talk to him about antidotes, you can ask him about making an antidote for alien poison. After trading him the Unidentified Toxin, he will give you a quest to find some    Restorative Herbs and mentions that the Rhinomen are using some herbs to restore stamina and vitality. After killing some of the rhinos, you eventually come across them (i found mine in a Rhinomen Mother, but i guess they can drop from any rhino. Would be nice, if somone can confirm that they drop from other rhinos too.). With the herbs you return to Herbalist Gerard who will give you 5  Daring Antidote Stim, if you hand him the herbs and 40.000 creds.

These will give (according to the database) a 60 % resistance against Daring Syndrome. Don´t know who uses this,  i didn´t check my ncu too closley, because i was so excited about our first "invasion" :).
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It will also cancel any 'Daring Syndrome' nano running in your NCU, and make you immune (due to overwrite) for 10s.

Although, yeah.. not quite sure what good that is yet. ;) But, hey, who likes having their evades debuffed by 5%?

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Fleet Admiral (last wave inside alienship) casts this nano.
Because of the duration of 5 hours ... this item is quit nice ;o)


I can confirm the Restorative herbs drop from other rhinos as well.

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I went AFK in Newland City, floating in a yalm above the whompah. I came back an hour later with Daring Syndrome in my NCU. I had a doc in the org hit me with thr cure, and it ran for 17 mins in my NCU but didn't actually cure me. Kinda annoying.

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