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Started by Spellbinder, March 23, 2004, 12:29:35 pm

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Weis jemand ob es eine sinnvolle Verwendung für die Perennium Sachen gibt die von Hecklern droppen?*

*I quess the question is whether there is any use for the Perennium pieces that drop from Hecklers (and few other mobs) - Ed-Fri


My quess is that Perennium sheets and bolts are used in tradeskill process to convert old rubi-ka weapons to new Perennium weapons coming in next patch:

List of Perennium items and weapons

MAYBE something like this:
Premium Nano-Charged Rifle +++ Hacker tool ==>> Hacked Nano-Charged Rifle
Sheet of Perennium +++ Spirit Tech Apparatus: Long Muzzle ==>> Long Perennium Muzzle
Hacked Nano-Charged Rifle +++ Long Perennium Muzzle ==>> Half-Finished Perennium Sniper
Half-Finished Perennium Sniper +++ Perennium Bolts ==>> Superior Perennium Sniper


To create a new Perennium weapon, you need:

-) Nano-Charged Rifle (For Perennium Rifle) or Nano-Charged Assault Rifle (For Perennium SMG or Assault Rifle)
-) Sheet of Perennium
-) Perennium Bolts
-) Spiritech Apparatus

(All within a close QL range, of course)

*Note* Apparatus be within 20% of Nano-Charged rifle to create desired QL.  Ex: QL160 Apparatus to make QL200 gun *Note*

Hack the Nano-Charged Rifle/AR (QL200 requires 1400 B&E), and you'll end up with a Hacked version of the gun.  Next, add the Apparatus to the Perennium Sheet.  This requires WS and ME skill to complete, in which you'll end up with a barrel.  Add the newly created barrel to the Hacked weapon, and then finish it with the Perennium Bolts.  (Last two steps also requires ME and WS to complete)

Voila! You have your shiny new Perennium gun!
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I can do 1400 B&E.
Send me a /tell if you need any hacked.. on RK1 I will let you know how much ;)
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I want to make a perennium beamer for a fixer friend ql 62.  Where can I find a muzzle besides Mortiig?
What are good locations to find them besides the Mortiigs?
I have sheets & bolts from Hecks, but I need more muzzles.

Any information will be appreciated. ;)

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