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Scheol / Re: Scheol Garden and Sanctuar...
Last post by Potatochips - July 29, 2008, 02:14:43 am
Inferno / Re: 220+ novictum
Last post by Siguran - July 23, 2008, 09:09:38 am
ql240+ drops in mishions from spirits ;)
Shadowlands General Quests / Re: QUEST : Specialisation 4 -...
Last post by Siguran - July 17, 2008, 02:17:28 pm
Do Penumbra quest and get spec 4+ if you are lucky to roll at the finish you also get icy shoulderpads :)
Shadowlands General Quests / Re: QUEST : Specialisation 3 -...
Last post by Siguran - July 17, 2008, 02:15:25 pm
Best way to get them is by doing Adonis quest, this way you will be on your way to get syndicate brain of your prof. and at about 1/3 of the quest get 3rd spec. By completing the quest you will also get the parts needed for T2 armor ;)

My 2 cents
Shadowlands General Quests / Re: Lets make A SL hunting lis...
Last post by Siguran - July 16, 2008, 02:32:54 pm
LVL 1-10 - If you start in Jobe, start by hunting spiders and snakes. At around lvl 4 start kicking the crap out of beit gras,chimeras, stalkers. Ar around lvl 6-7 kill mortiigs and hecklers.

LVL 10-15 - Nescanse bridge kill all you can see there
LVL 15-20 - Very nice exp/kill you get from Hiathlins at nescance frontier
LVL 20-30 - Crippler cave is the way to go here, if you have a team this will make your lvling alot faster (btw there are 2 dungeons here wich are good for soloing 1 in the middle is for lvls 25-40, the one at the end of the cave has higher lvl mobs around lvl 40-50)
LVL 30-40 - your best bet would be  Two mountain area with croakers, or an alternative malah mobs at clan core statue
LVL 40-50 - this is where team is a must(or a pocket tank :P ) start doing hecklers, because you have caped exp you can do some research on the way if you have LE expansion
LVL 50-80 - unlike others i would suggest you stay at nesc hecks till middle 80 you will be able to crunch trough them quicker with every lvl, and if you work on your gear every 20-30 lvls it should go realy fast and easy.
LVL 80-100 - this is where the real fun starts head to beach in elysium (clan statue barter, omni spade) there is a team most of the time so you should have little trouble getting a spot for your fast exp and if you are lucky nice loot (pearls, spirit apparatus, mortiig weapons, paterns) I admit at lvl 90 to lvl 100 it gets a bit borring but you have to make it through ;)
LVL 100-135 - you can start doing ely hecks (with team ofc and doc is advised)
LVL 135-150 - you can stay in elysium and kill hecks, or make your way to adonis and kill hecklers(yes ladys and gents i just said to skip sheol)
LVL 150-180 - this is easy and borring you need to kill adonis hecks for all the way
LVL 180-200 - you could go to penumbra and trie looking for teams or do solo mishes there, but its much better exp doing good old ado hecks, i know you wanna puke every time that you hear about adonis, but there you have better xp/hour then waiting all day long in pen for team(it seems no one lvls in penumbra these days)
LVL 200-210 - this is easy and goes pretty fast when you make your way to inferno and start doing easy inferno mishions(here i have a tip for you: if you have 220 puller in team then the mish reward will be much higher)
LVL 210-220 -  here you should start doing 220 hard mish in inf as the SK raises pretty slow

Erm i guess thats it we are 220 :), now we can start doing APF, LE mish for AI lvls and anything you like.
Nascense / Re: QUEST : Nascense Clan Gard...
Last post by rauri - June 12, 2008, 07:02:33 pm
Also good to know is that you need to look for "Dreaming" Swifttail  if you have names on they will be blue instead of white and I found them in the Old Frontier area.

When you find them right click on them to talk to them and you will have a chat option to cover their eyes and it will open up a give item box to place the device in.

Hope this addition helps.
Adonis / Re: More Neutral Loving! Both...
Last post by Potatochips - May 16, 2008, 07:00:14 pm

18.  Now to head on over to the Dalja garden for your other key.  Best route is by swimming from outmost yard west to City North.. past the Stray Dog.. up the stairs (perhaps by running around back .. thru the kolanna.. and up the steps) and over the elevated walkway into the garden ..
19.. From the save point.. head south down the stairs in Dalja.. head west past the Essence Devourer to the quest guy.. show the Note and collect your key. 

Thanks for the guide! Loving the neutal love. A little to add for the above.

I found the easiest way to get from clan garden to omni is to exit at statue City South. Cross the river using the little stretch of bridge. Up the stairs on the left. Once you get to the top of the stairs, run south. At the end of the path, you will see the statute to enter Garden of Dalja.
Scheol / Re: Neutral Love! Both Scheol...
Last post by Potatochips - May 14, 2008, 01:38:40 pm
Thanks for the guide.  ;)
Scheol / Re: Map nano for schoel ?
Last post by Potatochips - May 14, 2008, 01:05:42 am
Maps nano are usually dropped from Geosurvey "lizard looking" mobs in the various playzones for the respective maps. Schoel and up zones maps are casted by adventures only, but veterans players can now purchase Insight into the Shadowlands nano that costs 7 veteran points.
Scheol / Re: Neutral love! Both Scheo...
Last post by Potatochips - May 14, 2008, 12:59:26 am
Easy keys for the Neutrals! <3
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