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QUEST : Hold Hell at Bay - Protective Clothing

Started by herodotus2, October 07, 2003, 10:27:47 am

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Quest info. for the clothing that protects you from the 6k DOT of Pandemonium

Effect of Pandemonium Hell

Well thx to Snowbunneh of RK2 fame this quest is now completed. Scroll down for a sketchy guide :P

You'll need to kill a couple of dragon's, that are on a reported ( but unconfirmed 1.5hr respawn ). Both dragon's drop 3 pieces each, and you need 2 pieces.

I'll drop co-ords later.

From Razor the Battletoad

and a

From Xark the Battletoad

Once you have these 2 items as prove of killing Xark and Razor, head back to Tchu ( How To Spawn Tchu, and hand in these 2 items to Nohlor. Gratz ! :D

Im gonna start tidying up these guides from past playfields so all the information is in the first post.

Thx again mate.


tis being sold my clarah of midnight reveries on market forum. was about 110mill alst time i looked.


You get it off mission mob in pen. You need to give him 2 loots.


Haminie's thread for selling another such ring, and Kinkstaah telling how to get the ring, can be found https://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=206646 <- there.


Well its not particularily hard to get.
It involves killing the dragons that Nholor tells you about when you get the Inferno boots.

The dragons are on a long (7 or so hours) spawntime but are killable by a good team. Every kill you get enough drops for 3 rings, which of course have to be made by Nholor.

150M is a relatively good price, and of course like all things will probably go down.

-  Kinkstaah


- Originally posted by Snowbunneh, but moved due to being in the wrong thread.

This is how we do it in the rk2 style:

First, you find 8 guys (yeah, since 2 are gonna whine in the beginning and leave chat).

So your now 6 guys, 2 of which are docs.

You go to the volcanos (look on map) and jump into the lava. You end up inside the lava, in a big open room. Xark is in the SE one, Razor in the NW one.

Each dragon drop 3 parts. Meaning a full team need to kill 2.
Respawn is 7 hours, unconfirmed though and sounds weird.



The items they drop you want:

Give these two to nholor (yes, kill tchu) as proof that you killed them, and he give you a tradeable ring, hold hell at bay. This ring goes for 150mill on rk1, and not been sold on rk2 yet.

- GL guys You dont need more then 2 docs, a good adv, a good nt, a good tank and a snowbunnie.


And if you are impatient, you can spawn the dragons with a incinerator as well. Found a part of a blueprint, Razor the battletoad, ql 255 tho;p so gl finding some novictum for it;p


Yes, drops off the jagged slither boss in penumbra.


Dude these broken graphics need fixed.. sorry.


Heard that nowadays it's doable by one 220 soldier and one 220 doctor.

Still hits very hard. 8k-ish dmg, hit fast, and crit a lot if you do not have high evade or special perks. UBT is essential as always.


subtract the soldier and it's still doable :)
can be solod by a doc, but still better bring some more people as the dragon has really a lot of HP.