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Neutral love! Both Scheol Garden keys at once.

Started by Jeona, February 17, 2006, 12:22:20 am

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This is very possible for those neutrals out looking to collect all keys or most anyway. 

Requirements:  1.  Neutral alignment.
                      2.  Positive with both redeemed and unredeemed factions.
                      3.  At least one insignia for Roch and for Ocra.

1.  Go to both temples and get the quest for that side, if you can't get a quest for one side, either you're talking to the wrong npc or your faction is off.  You should get an insignia from each npc during your talking.
2.  The next step is to go to the gardens to talk with the npc needed in each garden.
3.  Show everyone from steps 1 and 2 the pattern.  Can all be the same pattern, doesn't matter.
4.  Next you will be asked to novictalize the pattern as per the clan quest or omni quest.   When you have this done, you will notice that both quests complete at one time.   
5.  Spawn the Weary Empath and talk.. that's right talk.. the clan quest will take precedence and no fighting should be involved (positive factions come into play here).
6.  The Cloth will appear in your inventory.  Take this to the garden of Ocra and get your key.  The cloth will be taken and you will be left with nothing.  Keep talking and get the sanc key started.  The npc will give you the cloth back for that quest.
7.  Rush over to Roch and show that npc the Cloth.  Viola!

You will now enjoy both Scheol garden keys



I did about the same thing, did the omni garden key, looted everything, then did the clan garden key. I skipped the whole process of spawning/talking to the empath and went straight to showing the clan loot to the npc.