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QUEST : Inferno -> Pandemonium ( + 10 ) Ring

Started by herodotus2, October 07, 2003, 10:25:39 am

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Head NE from the portal. Its marked on spheremap too as a static dungeon. The "boss room" boss is the dude that drops it.
edit: Ok i went and got coordinates, its at:



The static dungon SW of Sorrow (blue square on Sphere map) is also an option. Drop rate is still not 100%, like the one close to inferno portal.

The dungeon is blitzable. You may just blitz and go down three levels until reaching boss. Usually, mobs in boss floor are not near the button. Therefore it'll be safe to just enter boss room. Note that there may be another one or two other small mobs together with boss. Therefore you need to pull carefully and finish them one by one to be safe. If you get add, just get upstairs and re-enter. the boss's position will be reset and you can pull again.

The mobs I encoutered are unred mobs. Unred people had better blitz all the way to boss if this is the case.

One DD with good AC (e.g. around lvl 210) and a lvl 205+ (or 209 be safer) doc is enough. Of course, lower lvl people with better skills may also work well.

Once you finish boss, all team members can log out at corner of boss room for 20~25 min, and login again after dungeon reset. Continue this until you get all your rings.



Here's some more info from forums about the drop rate fyi:

From: Tchaalina

I have killed Arachnis on numerous occasions (30ish times in total) and only once did he not drop a ring. 1 drop out of 11 kills sounds like a droprate nerf to me. Either that, or your luck was just extremely bad...

From: davidchiou

In the past month, I finished Archnis in the dungeon near Inferno Portal only once and the ring did not drop then. Then I went to the Sorrow SW dungeon for several times and the ring dropped every time first, then the next time it doesn't drop for two times. It's just purely based on luck.


Here's the blitze guide for the dungeon SW of Sorrow, in case your level is not high enough but you want to blitz easily. In general, go about SW direction and you will find the levers easier:

1st lvl: Follow hallway all the way W. Right before reaching the first door, turn S. Run until end of S and you see lever.

B1: Run up the small stairway and run SW in general and you'll see lever.

B2: run W

B3: run E. the room next has button to boss room.

Once you see boss room button, just click on it.

Hopefully the info can help reduce unnecessary casualty, or even let your friends/alts blitz to get their loot easily.