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Two very basic questions

Started by Gridfox, December 15, 2007, 07:33:43 pm

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Greetings all,

I have just bought all the expansions and have two questions in that regardm which I hope somebody will take the time to answer:

1. My level is 50/0
How do I raise that "0" so to speak?

2. I have trained one perk. Now, when I try ro train another is says I can not until I gain new perk points by gaining Alien Experience.
I have 4 "spare" perk points bur can not use then, and how do I gain Alien Experience?

TIA from Gridfox :)



You will need to gain alien xp.  Firstly, If you are in an org, it may have a city and it is here alien raids will happen where you can join in to get AXP. ppl in your org can advise.
Secondly, you have LE so you can do an LE mission. Either team up with someone for this or create another account, a froob one (free). Roll a new character on this, raise to a level where it can team with your character, team and get a mission and complete with the paying account character. Most ppl around can point you toward ICC where you can go to catch the ship up to the mission spot.  gl.