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Spider cave near cold rock and the scoop

Started by Vicor, June 03, 2004, 06:12:57 am

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where is it i heard thats a good place to find the mudurlugu weapon i really need it


eeeh mate, not to dissapoint you but....

The Mudurlugu is NODROP flagged mate, you have to go there urself....

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i know its Nodrop i just wanted to know the location of the spider cave i'm going there myself with some buddys (the coords if someone could).  i've searched and searched, but to no avail


i've looked everywhere around there now and there isn't such a thing i guess i was lied too

but does anybody know what mudurlugus drop off of most commonly ???

that would be very usefull information, and thanks


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I got a ql80ish mudurlugu from a regular redeemed mob in ely.. the corpse rotted before I could get my trader there though :P

Also found one on a regular mob in a static mission in nas I think


Hi all

I actually found a mudurlugus shotgun on a mob loot in a dungeon in the core in Nasc.
Too bad its nodrop though.  >:(