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I Want to Buy This on RK1

Started by Kasuki, January 15, 2004, 09:04:54 am

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I am Up to buy this patterns :

QL 185 Bagaspati
QL 175 Breaker Teuvo
QL 185 Sampsa
QL 165 Smee
QL 165 Skulky
QL 165 Adonian Soul Dredge
QL 165 The Penumbra Spirit hunter

I am Up to buy the ready patters or the ready to spawn crystals from this Poket Boss, i am ready to pay the price u are asking, but please dont ask to much if u know its no worth that much Oki poki :P?? i just want to have fun with my guildy killing some mopet babys, so i am up to pay the price for it, leave me a tell here, or send me a tell ingame to :

/tell Taikage I GOT UR PATTERN!!!


urs Always

Kasuki Shotokage


Como on people i know u got them, plz sell me some