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QUEST : Adonis Omni Sanctuary Quest COMPLETED

Started by Friregan, October 17, 2003, 02:16:00 pm

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When you spawn the infernal demon , does it aggro like normal PB's?


No, Infernal Demon will not aggro you.  You spawn the Infernal Demon to have him spawn another mob for you.  Be as rude as you can to the Infernal Demon when talking to him.  Once conversation is complete he will spawn another mob that you do kill.



Think I killed it at about 154-160 with my doc...  So he is really easy to kill.


Indeed. I did it earlier today solo. Level 157 Soldier. He can't have more then 25,000 HP. 1 11k Full Auto, wacked him to around half health, Burst, Normal, Normal, Tracer, Contained Burst, dead. He didn't even get a chance to hit me. I was very very shocked at how easy he went down.

Very strange for a PB, usually they have obscene amounts of health.

BTW once you get the complete pattern, don't novi it, you need to show it to the dude in the garden as is, just the a,b,c,d combined, he wont take anything else. I made the mistake of completing it and getting it novied up while I was done on RK and then had to go hunt up another pattern.

Oh on another note, the first pattern for the demon only needs 400NP and around 275QP but the diviner needs a whopping 900NP and 675QP!!!!!


Oh should have mentioned you can get someone else to do the combined for you.