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January 28, 2022, 01:02:44 am


Started by Snowbunneh, January 07, 2004, 07:06:51 am

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Theres 6 hecklers.

Cantankerous Golemx2
Crabby Golem
Cranky Golemx2
Ir* Golem

They are located at the unred adonis garden dropoff, in the middle of the adonis desert (tons of whirling rocks here, you know the place)

They seem to have the same drop table, which so far can be confirmed by me to be:

    Cranky Golem Eye
    Crackerjack Sleeves


Cantankerous Golem
Crabby Golem
Cranky Golem
Ir* Golem

are also located on the west brink. On the "arm" that goes parallel to the south end.


Also drops the new Spiritech Apparatus used in creating Perennium weapons.  (*Usually drops QL150+ Barrels*)
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couple of the whirling rocks dropped

Minion Ice Pulse Pistol for me earlier