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Started by herodotus2, November 26, 2003, 01:10:14 pm

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Now that alot of people are in Penumbra and beginning to realise access to Inferno may be a problem to solo. I've decided to set this thread up for people to announce events they want to share with others. Kinda' like pick-up teams but on a different level.

Im getting alot of tells asking me to do raids on Penumbra Catacombs ( tbh I'm concentrating on SK 'ing, I was a little gutted they opened up the zones to all, and believe once Pandemonium and Inferno are complete they will do the same, i.e. Im in no rush to proceed to further playfields ).

Don't know how popular this thread will be, but I'll give it a shot. 'Raids' / 'Events' require some sort of organisation, so advanced notification on this thread should hopefully mean you get as many people who want to be involved as possible.

I suggest you begin a thread with the following:

<Zone> - <What your raiding> - <Time (Zone)>

i.e. Penumbra - Catacombs - 17:00 GMT

Then detail your 'raid' / 'event' in the thread, and what sort of things you are looking for.

i.e. MUST be able to make there own way to the temple. All should be present at 17:00 etc... etc...

Anyway see what you think ?