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Research Dome Quest - Warden - Key

Started by Pred007, November 26, 2004, 05:54:29 pm

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Anybody gotten into a Research Dome?  I have talked to the Warden of Channeled Force and determined she wants us to find a Broken Key that she will repair.  

We formed a team and took on the two Swamp Witches in Belial near our Guild City, which was a real joy.  Fighting them was like combining IS with HI and a touch of Mercs.  We killed 2 witches at a southern vilage, but her AOE was very bad, and then she suddenly despawned. We then moved north and found a second witch at this second northern village.  We killed 3 or 4 levels of witches at that location until the last one wiped our team.  Our team was lvl 210s and above, and did well managing the damage and aggro, but never saw a key drop.  All we got were Molybdenum Ingots and a folded Cardboard Box.  

So, has anybody done this quest and have any advice?


Uh, I have absolutely no idea what is this. Can you give us brief description?