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Started by hexxus, July 15, 2004, 03:51:47 pm

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Hello all,

The program, is what it says it is, Nano Notice, Using nanos and sending msg's to people or teams... with out using a macro.

you know when your in teams and people say stuff like Ive calmed %t down dont attack. They use a macro, but with nanonotice they dont have to, they just click the nano and if its succesful the msg would come up, if not succesful eg fumbled no msg will appear.

say your a trader, say someone asked you for a wrangle of say 37 points, you could select them and click the 37 point wrangle and it would send that user a msg saying you gave them 37 points, this way the person knows he/she has been wrangled, and can simply /r back to say thanks

Now Have Homepage for the tool, that will be updated every week.

Update: Video footage - Quicktime

7mb Calm1
7.5mb Calm2
5mb CH

Also thanks to Jimfixit for doing the java program and for making the uber skin/gui -  :]

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