where to get Ocra/Roch insignias for tier1 armor?

Started by Gamegirl, June 20, 2004, 05:50:18 pm

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I am omni and trying to gather some ocra insignias for jobe armor, but don't want to hurt my faction killing unredeemed mobs.

Does anyone know of a "neutral" area to kill mobs to get these insignias?


I guess I will post a response, even though the message is so old in case someone looks for this info in the future.  If you follow the path north out of the Elysium portal and alongside the lake that is home to the granite spiders you will find a path into the mountains.  Along this path and particularly near the lake and in the mountain path you will find some random MoBs.  They are Vulturine Shadows, Canyon Rafters, Kolanna, and various arcorash-type creatures.  These creatures seem to have a high drop rate of insignias.  The spawns are somewhat random in number and location, but they are the most reliable insignia suppliers that I have ever found in this playfield.

Hope it helps,



I am glad you took the time because it did help someone down the road.


yeah and it did help me too  :D

Gorbad Ironclaw

There is also a dungeon just south of the 140 Incarnator(sp?), that have a decent drop rate of insigs of both sides. And a few other nice things, like Pearls.


Dungeon for roch insignias in elysium by cold rock exit:
Pos: 2178.0, 903.7, 41.9, Area: Cold Rock.

P.S. its in the tiny redeemed temple area across a bridge.
Its just above the lower case 'c' in the words 'Cold Rock' on the Spheremap if you have that.


P.S. the redeemed tower that houses the roch insignia dungeon is visible to the NE of the cold rock shere statue

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