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Sanguisugent Armor? / Scheol locations?

Started by Virre, June 18, 2004, 09:26:49 am

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Just wondering if someone knows from what in scheol this armor drops?
Rumor has it that the ql I am looking for drops in Scheol?
I am looking for QL 150 prox, but only reference I'v been able to find about it, is from drops in Nascense, where the ql is somewhat to low for me.

It's all part of a greater project, namely Gelids & Dual wielding. As FA & MM is hard to buff and even more so when you are capped, this kind of armor is rather nifty :)

Any help appriciated!



I think you can find some in Ely too... i did ...

Fallen Forest area i think....

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