Raiding in Pandemonium

Started by herodotus2, June 15, 2004, 03:40:53 pm

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Now that many are able to access Pandemonium we are starting to see the rise of several raiding bots.

In an attempt to remain impartial there are several you can choose from. Each with its own rules about loot and membership.

So far I can only detail clan bots, as I myself am I clanner :D I know... I know... b00... hiss! :P


Clan raidbots

++ fapbot - RK1
Run and largely lead by Innersanctum of Synergy Factor. Loot is on a "what raid leader" says prinicple.

Admins are : Innersanctum

++ PAbot - RK1
Run and lead by 12 independent admins.  Loot is on a "points" based system. Admins are : Askiles, Caloss2, Chaolz, Chestity, Comis, Khalem, and Konstanze

Click here for further information :


What happens if 2 to 4 raidgroups want to raid Beast ?

And the "Loot is on a what raid leader says prinicple" sounds very bad.



Run by Snowbunnie, nearing competion. To date, virtually all Pande raids have been private with a group of the highest lvl Rimor toons leading.

Following the thread about Beastnet's continuing development on the offical boards here:


Iron "Roedran" Will
Field Commander & General | Rimor | Shadow of Death
Founding Member | The Pandemonium Leet Squad



Pandenet :P

Admins : Dilaw, Karfo, Smint, Junkie, Weixel

just wanted to be fame *smile*


RK1 bots as of October 2005:

Hellcom - Omni Pandemonium bot for level 210+. Beast/Zodiacs/TNH. Accept Neutrals. Very active.

Xtbot - Clan raidbot for Pandemonium Zodiacs/TNH for level 205+. For adminlist /tell xtbot !admin groups . Accept Neutrals. Active.

Pande - Clan raidbot for Pandemonium Beast for level 214+. For adminlist /tell Pande help. Admission is subject to vote from veterans.

Excerpted from "List of raid bots on RK":


For Clan, xtbot is repalced by zodsnet.

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