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Sphere Map (v1.0)

Started by Khalem, April 05, 2004, 09:37:22 pm

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Probably the best SL map ever.

You can download it here.

If you want to see it before you download, you can take a peek here.

Changes for 1.0:
Finished up the Pandemonium map.
Added missing mobs in Inferno.
Implemented Hollows into the Penumbra map.
Added some mobs in Adonis.
Marked several dynas in Scheol.
Updated Elysium, adding dynas and other missing locations.
Overhaul of Nascense, mapped Crippler Cave and added several dynas.
Located every garden/sanct statue throughout the shadowlands.
Added a few static dungeons in several playfields.
A new glyph listing is implemented.
Profession armor guide updated and clarified.
Cleaned up the pocket directory.

Original release post can be found at Forsaken's forum

Lord "Khalem" Trevallien - Fixer Kingpin


Small bump with updated (although old) information and links

Lord "Khalem" Trevallien - Fixer Kingpin