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Found a Completed pattern Of A Trapped Soul

Started by Kuhmist, March 28, 2004, 01:36:42 pm

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I recently went to Temple Bog, where I looted a Completed Pattern Of A Trapped Soul. I have read the posts talking about the weary empath, being defiled and some such rot. Yet no where in those posts does it seem to say anything about a lootable completed pattern. It tends to state A,B.C,D, pattern peices need to be found.
         Anyone have any ideas what this is for, it was found off of one of the unredeemed mobs on the bridge, entering the temple bog. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
      Let me see if I can do a search on it and post the link...
       here it is.  http://www.aodb.info/showitem.asp?AOID=214864 .
 That should make it a bit easier.


There is no completed pattern that just drops off someone, besides the trapped soul. There is Abhan (A), Bhootar (B), Chi (C), and Dom (D). Four different pieces that when found, you combine A+B+C+D to GET a completed pattern. I have no idea what the trapped soul does, many guides say for the Scheol garden perma-keys (Clan/Reedemed and Omni/Unreedemed). But I do not recall ever using one of those during the quest.
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No, there is no need for this item in any quest and subquest atm.
I did every available quest on SL and never used this item.
I found it a dozen of time. Mostly in Scheol. I'm not sure about that, but i think i found one, yes just one in adonis before many patchs.

This item seems very attached to the Scheol background.
Maybe it's just a RP item to make players more talkative and curious.
Maybe you may give this item to a NPC for him to speak much more.
But prolly not to trigger something valuable.

I have no info, and since i did all what i knew in Scheol, i have now no curiosity about this item. I still have a couple in bank, that's all.


Ah well thank you much then, I suppose there is nothing left for me to do but make it as there are, in the database. Item like novictimized crystal with trapped soul etched etc. And I suppose I will post again after I figure out what comes out of it.

http://www.aodb.info/showitem.asp?AOID=214863 , like this right here. As I said will keep you posted.


Oh one more question, how do you have a couple of nodrop uniques in bank? Have you tried to make it maybe changed it , like in states to make it different uniques?


My suspicions have always been that the complete trapped soul BP was something that was originally intended as part of the Scheol Garden/Sanctuary key quests but that something was broken with them somehow and so FC decided to switch to the weary empath pattern instead. I remember a lot of the early (beta) quest references just mentioned a trapped soul rather than the empath specifically.

But who knows. Maybe the trapped soul pattern, the perrenium sheets and bolts and the head of an immortal all combine to make some nasty ass mob that needs killing. :D


I think you are right about the tie in to quest for keys.. when doing the actual quest for keys when talking to the Omni Prohet in Temple Bog. the exact dialogue he gives at one point has the trapped soul...blah blah  line in it.. I was confuesed at first and thought that is what he was looking for but org was telling me No.. give him the Weary empath full pattern



There is a process similar to normal blueprints that can release this soul.  Wonder what phats it drops :D


It was said to be used for the Scheol garden key quest. which was changed to Weary Empath years ago, but I am wondering if it is part of the portal key quest.