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Re-org'ing the forum - suggestion

Started by DoDraugen, September 25, 2003, 04:46:41 pm

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It seems that this forum is gonna be HOOOOT!!!!
So how about reorganising it?
This is how it might be:

Shadowlands Quests
-......and so on

Is it possible? becouse it would make it alot easier to navigate. And i think its gonna get alot more crowded in here as the gameing goes on.

And not to forget, does our esteemed forum host have time to do it?


Taken your suggestion to heart mate, I liked it :D Consider the forum re-org'd.

If anyone finds any posts missing please let me know


May i also suggest a tradeskill section, where you divide the catagories into Armour, Weapons, Pocketbosses etc.

And also maybe change the graphics of the forum, maybe abit darker, to give sort of a Shadowland feel to it?
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and maybe put some flowers here and there, I really like flowers, and I want some cash for everytime i visit this forum :p
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