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Widowmaker Battle Drone

Started by Aleph, February 26, 2004, 05:47:14 pm

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take a look on the Widowmaker Battle Drone ( Chicken Bot ) .



Combat Stats :

Widowmaker Battle Drone and Military-Grade Marauder M-45 vs 210  Adonis Heckler .

Widowmaker Battle Drone hit Heckler with max 1100-1600 meele Damg / 2500 Crit

Military-Grade Marauder M-45  hit Heckler with 1000-2700 meele Damg / 4700 Crit

I think this is a nice FC Joke

Aleph RK3


Nice but i think its a bit cripple :)

I thought it will be more imaginative :(


How can you make this pet window?  8)
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Quote from: "Mekkmester"How can you make this pet window?  8)

LoL !

Basically, you have it with the new GUI.
But with the old one, just press CTRL-SHIFT-F7, and in the DistValues Tab, select the orange dot in front of "Pet Windows".


Hehe ok Thx...I am just a little fixer ;)
Squad Commander of Fatal Shadows


Black Thorns 4 ever :)
we have more 220 chars than whole rk2 ;p
whooops ... OT ^^
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omg a hippla  :oops:

btw OT ^^

but chicken pet looks n1