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Started by herodotus2, February 24, 2004, 01:56:05 pm

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List of where to camp and for what.

NOTE: Prior to starting out camping you should be aware that the drop rate on these items can be horrendous :( Sometimes as rare as 1 in 20 ( with these uniques generally on a 25 min timer ( that translates to 8hrs solid camping for one piece ) thats alot of camping.  :?

NOTE2 : /cheesy strap line... "For best results I recommend you use Sphere Map" ( chiinng :D )... but, no, seriously use this map. It has all the uniques marked just like the RK Dyna Camps.

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New loot added - format changed
- 25 Mar 2004

I've amended the list and made it into CSV format ready for import into any database applications. Its currently sorted alphabetically on loot drops, simply look down the list for the item your after and you should see all the uniques that drop your loot. GL out there :D


2 x Sombreous Arm Tattoo's,Tiunissik,
Amused Spirit,Ushap'ing,
Apprehensive Spirit Pitcher,Pursued Spirit,
Armplates of Meteorite Assembly,Salahpt,
Armplates of Meteorite Assembly,Sanatsimk,
Armplates of Meteorite Assembly,Waywaqa,
Bellum Badonis Armour ( All Parts ) ,Ahomac,
Bellum Badonis Armour ( All Parts ) ,Punctlious Hiathlin,
Bellum Badonis Armour ( All Parts ) ,Scrupulous Hiathlin,
Blood-Soaked Cloak of Dishonour,Astypalia,
Boots of Stolen Comet Speed,Atakirh,
Boots of Stolen Comet Speed,Sanatsimk,
Boots of Stolen Comet Speed,Ushap'ing,
Boots of the Imaginative,Obsolete Soul Dredge,
Compagnero,Enkindled Spirit,
Conflagrant Syndicate Messenger Gun,Conflagrant Spirit,
Conflagrant Syndicate Messenger Gun,Crete,
Conflagrant Syndicate Messenger Gun,Ithaki,
Curse of Malahde,Malah-Fulcifera,
Enkindled Spirit Focus,Enkindled Spirit,
Fanatic's Jacket,Devoted Spirit Hunter,
Fanatic's Jacket,Fanatic Spirit Hunter,
Gallant Flapper Ribbon,Medusa Philanderer,
Gauntlets of Star Confabulation,Waywaqa,
Head Symbiant of the Love Child,Crete,
Joy of the Hunt,Tiunissik,
Joy of the Race,Tiunissik,
Maiden's Gloves,Anansis Abettor,
Malodorous Ring,Fetid Eremite,
Mark of the Fisher King,Ishimk'Imk,
Massive Bolt Charger,Afreet Ellis,
Master's Eye,Apprentice Beasthandler,
Maul of Gwyddawg,Ithaki,
Monitor Smoking Suit,Chimera Monitor,
Moon Watcher Helmet,Akshk'i,
Moon Watcher Helmet,Atakirh,
Moon Watcher Helmet,Natsmaahpt,
Moon Watcher Helmet,Salahpt,
Moon Watcher Helmet,Tuq'usk,
Moon Watcher Helmet,Waywaqa,
Mystical Green Hood,Limnos,
Overcoat of the Firmament,Atakirh,
Overcoat of the Firmament,Isham,
Overcoat of the Firmament,Sanatsimk,
Pernicious Body Armour,Atakirh,
Phatmos' Booty,Phatmos,
Piercing Evil,Aniitap's Shadow,
QL211 Clan Adventurer Turn Spirits,Beast,
QL225 Pernicious Body Armour,Atakirh,
QL225 Turn Spirits,Paxos,
QL250 Bigot's Armband of Sacrifice,Bigot Helozabasael,
QL250 Penumbra Tuaq,Steele Filar,
QL260 Turnspirit,Anansis Disciple,
QL262 Killers Armour Sleeves,Tiunissik,
QL277 Killers Armour Trouser,Tiunissik,
Ring of Burning Flesh,Tinos,
Scimitar of Spetses,Spetses,
Shoulderpads of Asteroid Calling,Isham,
Shoulderpads of Asteroid Calling,Ishimk'Imk,
Shoulderpads of Asteroid Calling,Salahpt,
Shoulderpads of Asteroid Calling,Sanatsimk,
Shoulderpads of Asteroid Calling,Tuq'usk,
Shoulderpads of Asteroid Calling,Waywaqa,
Shroud of Darkest Night,Chimera Trainer,
Sleeves of Boiling Blood,Torrid Spirit,
Snake Tamer Shield,Distracted Snake Tamer,
Sparkling Scimitar of Spetses,Spetses,
Spirit Tech Toolbox,Estella Fire,
Stinging Louse,Syros,
Sword of Wonder,Putrid Eremite,
Sword of Wonder,Rotting Eremite,
The Sacrificed Bracelet of Kay,Pyiininnik,
Vest of Torpid Sunrays,Isham,
Vest of Torpid Sunrays,Atakirh,
Vest of Torpid Sunrays,Waywaqa,



New information added, thx a mill to the following contributors who, without there contributions this list would not be possible :

Xyboc, Docgalaad, kiwaczek, igor, and Lyrraa

Be sure to check out Docgalaad's awesome website :

Contains all this information in an easy to browse / search format.


Huge thanks go to Valkyriehope alot of new info.

- Thx a mill. mate


Medusa Philanderer droped for as 3x Gallant Flapper Ribbon and 3x novi 260+

then if you look for high ql novi - you shuld go to him too ;)
Kiwaczek  proud member of   Alpha Omega


New lootdrops added


Shopkeeper's Sharkin Sleeves, Noxious Eremite,
Bellum Badonis Armour ( All Parts ), Heibal,


Salahpt drops Vest of Torpid Sunrays/Overcoat of the Firmament


got Overcoat of the Firmament from Maychwaham


Compagnero is listed as enkindled spirit but it is incandescent spirit that drops it.
Jonknoxville, pimpernickel

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