Engineer Pet

Started by herodotus2, February 17, 2004, 02:34:02 am

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Managed to stop Kzak and his pet quickly for a screenie.

est! voila! The New Slayerdroid.


naughty 'little' thing  :oops:

Apprentice 212 Meta-Physicist


The 213 Engi Pet looks just looks like the old rk slayer , only with some more scale.


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For fun, I summoned the Slayerdroid Annihilator in OA, and walked over OA Hill with it. Sure enough, I had a train of low-level people following me. :)


naaaw...they look ghey  :twisted:

i'd rather have a leet doll protecting meh..  8)

hehe..naaw they are some sexah creatures the new bots!!

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