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October 25, 2021, 09:16:00 am

The Beast

Started by herodotus2, February 07, 2004, 08:08:02 pm

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Quote from: "Shuuji"too bad the beast isnt the end boss then  :lol:

Number Nine ... The adventure continues :D


gratz again kill Beast

bleh atm in RK2 we stuck on SS  :(
lf way how "safe" get group to SS ,and kill this mofo :)

any tips ? :)
Kiwaczek  proud member of   Alpha Omega


the beast dead on rk2 this night  :D

gratz all and gj :)


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i tink i have fould the init debuff from the beast, correkt me if iam wrong  :wink:

Doom of the Spirits

and i think thats is the ncu debuff

NCU Overload


If i read correctly, Shades are not affected by the second one.