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September 29, 2020, 02:48:46 pm

The Beast

Started by herodotus2, February 07, 2004, 08:08:02 pm

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Final unique in the Shadowlands Playfields.

You need to kill "The Timid Spectral Scrouge" to access a portal to the 'boss' playfields.

You then need to kill the following NPC's

Night Heart
Senior Subjugator
Pandemonium Subjugator

To finally end up at "The Beast"

The Beast will be your final encounter, literally :D "Hello Mr. Reclaim"


:shock:  :lol:

Anyone fought against him? Is he big? Must be insane hard....can we get some pictures of him? (Nevermind that picture, found it hehe, but can we get more? :P )




Tranquility managed to get him to 50%, where up-on he released a HUWAGE Area Nuke of about 20k !!


20K nuke???????

WTF!!! how many ppl can survive that??

guess this is going to be NSD try time... *goes to kick his org trader to get to 220*


man that looks like fun


*signs Ninj00 up for tanking :P*


/me does inferno hecklers for two months and then still dies in 3 hits


/me thinks Ninj00 needs to bring some doc luvins to hecklers and not try to solo them :)


ninj00 I love your sig. mate... Absolute brill.


thanks :D

wtt : cool sig designs for phat lewt pst


It was a fun zone when it was doable.

Now its just silly and all we have to do is SK and camp inferno dynas.

Anyway, here's my favorite TNH pic:


Quote from: "Sheffy"It was a fun zone when it was doable.

Can you explain more for a novice like me ?


Before they altered the way aggro' worked in the latest patch ( 15.4 ), the mobs we're 'relatively easy' to pull and kill with a little over 1 team.

Since the alterations to the aggro' mechanism I'm guessing this complicates matters.

I've not been back since I started camping Inferno Dyna's, good alternative to Hecklers for SK, and the occasional nice item in the loot window makes it a bit more worth while :D