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QUEST : Specialisation 4 - 4th ( and final ) Book Quest

Started by herodotus2, February 07, 2004, 02:03:35 am

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Collect 5 volumes of Afirce :

Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume One
Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume Two
Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume Three
Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume Four
Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume Five

Drop in static missions in Penumbra and Inferno.

Best drop rate ? :D The 205 mission in Penumbra up at the UnRed Temple. The same mission that drops Shadowbreed items.


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Its not a bug, just an annoying book FC added to be frustrating (yea, thats what it does)

I hunted Spec4 in Penumbra, in a 205 mob dungeon east of the west incarnator, 6 hours and we got about 10 books...

Though a friend did it for 10 hours and only got 1 of the 2 books he needed :(


hmmm are there really any good palce to hunt spec4 ? been in the same dungeon in epn for like 4h+ and no spec4 at all dropped. I'm still hunting with friends in the dungeon and hope we'll be lucky...

if you guys have any suggestions that would help a lot  :lol:

- Sylfarin  :P
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I found my books in the 205 Dungeon Penumbra and Dark Marshes Omni Fortress from the nameds.


About the 5th Book. You dont need it. In fact you dont need it at all.

1. Dedlock wants 4 books, he refuses 5, only 4 boxes can be filled.
2. Book 2, 3, 4, 5 dont work.
3. Book 1, 3, 4, 5 dont work either.

ONLY 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 !

Just for you to be sure about this issue. FC is really tricky.


no he already has 5 he wants u to find the others :) its not a bug just a twist


I found all the books i needed at Dark Marshes. Even soloable...but hard. Drop rate has improved, so get a team over there and kill the named bosses. Should get your team som books within a deasent time



Dark Marshes or Inferno barracks are good places to solo... just kill the named mobs... I got my Spec4 in a day out there
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I'm 214 and all the crap around aggroes me, that's not very efficient way to get the damn spec if I need to kill few mobs every min :(


I got my spec 4 in a day also out there so something must work :) ran between dark marshes and inferno barracks killing named mobs... yeah you gotta kill some others to get to them if you can't mezz but I handled it in a day...
Layartic - 215 opi fix RK2
Sunebam - 199 nano doc RK2


I solved the prob by calling 220 enf to help me :D


Do Penumbra quest and get spec 4+ if you are lucky to roll at the finish you also get icy shoulderpads :)