QUEST : Elysium Clan Sanctuary Quest - COMPLETED

Started by Friregan, November 07, 2003, 01:31:59 am

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Quick & Fast:

1. Patch 15.2.0
2. Redo Garden quest and in the end when Forrester is walking to someone ask who he/she was. You won't get another quest from there though.
3. Talk to Ecclesiast Enel Gil and ask about who Forrester was talking to.
4. Ecclesiast will relay message/mission from Emphat (you get the sanctuary mission).
5. Kill mobs you tagged in garden quest as instructed.
6. Last mob drops briefing. Give it to Ecclesiast.
7. Woot, you get your sanctuary key.
8. Warp to sanctuary from garden using "Remeeded statue of transit" or by using special sanctuary statues around Elysium.


Nanos there:
Nano Crystal (Chilled Touch)
Nano Crystal (Composite Mastery)
Nano Crystal (Puissant Restrict Movement)
Nano Crystal (Team Empowered Impose Will)
Nano Crystal (Anger Shock)
Nano Crystal (Blackmail Notum)
Nano Crystal (Element of Flame)
Nano Crystal (Deepen fight (Team))
Nano Crystal (Empowered Deflection Shield)
Nano Crystal (Fake Out)
Nano Crystal (Lesser Insult)
Nano Crystal (Puissant Restrict Movement)
Nano Crystal (Quintessence of Incapacitation)
Nano Crystal (Ritualistic Caress)
Nano Crystal (Shadow Step)
Nano Crystal (Spark Shower)
Nano Crystal (Team Empowered Impose Will)


Redo the Quest why? I just had to talk too him and show him my Garden key. and then I got the sanctuary mission. proably changed in a patch :D


ariiadne's 15 step method for dummyheads:
1.)  Talk to Enel Gil at redeemed temple, goto garden
2.)  Goto garden exit Remnans
3.)  Go SE to unred area and Keeeel 3 unred dudes
4.)  goto garden
5.)  Goto garden exit Whispervale
6.)  Go S by SE to unred area and Keeeel 4 unred dudes
7.)  goto garden
8.)  Goto garden exit Remans
9)  Go SW to unred temple Nero, go inside
10.)  go straight and thru door, go on left side and keeel pi-xul
11.)  then go on right side and thru door there.  go inside and take right, around wall and back, kill manwax
12.)  grab briefing
13.)  Goto redeemed temple talk to enel gil again, blah blah you're concerned *cry cry*
14.)  give briefing get sanct key
15.)  backflipx3

--these mobs are the same mobs you had to tag before
--these mobs are marked on spheremap
--these mobs are very easy to kill, but if others not grey to you they will aggro
--these mob areas are marked with pointers on map if mission is uploaded to map
--make sure you keeeeel in the right order
--one of the easiest of all SL missions


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