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Server Availability

Started by herodotus2, January 21, 2004, 12:38:07 pm

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Wow! this box is getting hammered :D

What started out as a little guild project has kind of exploded somewhat, bandwidth isn't an issue, but the lil' ol' server I set this up on is getting pasted. Processing power is the biggest problem. ( Believe it or not its only a PIII 733Mhz with 500Mb RAM i.e. less powerful than my desktop PC now )

Im gonna' tweak with cache and memory settings to try and make things run abit smoother, but due to a large volume of traffic this box is working way beyond its means.

As a result you've probably noticed an increase in downtime  :cry: , unfortunately I don't have remote access to this box so I can't restart it remotely. Until such time as this server gets upgraded ( sometime in the next 3 months, duel P4 Xeon processor job with 2Gb of RAM ... sexy...  :D ) there will unfortunately be periods of downtime :(

Thats it really, just to let you know what the problems are, 'cause Im getting loadsa' tells with "your website is down!"

... I know :P

It'll get reloaded 0900 GMT everyday apart from weekends if there are any problems :P


Ouch! this box is getting seriously hammered. Bandwidth isn't a problem, but this server is drastically in need of an upgrade :(

Until this happens; sometime in the next couple of months, the server is liable to be offline most weekends :(

Anyone got a decent box they want to host this on ? :D