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Concerns about Symbiant Equipping

Started by herodotus2, January 12, 2004, 11:11:17 am

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Taken from an original discussion here

Quote from: "herodotus2"I think hoopspro has some very valid points. Alot of the symbiants that enforcers and adventurers use require one of the following base abilities Sense, Pyshic, or Intelligence combined with Strength and Stamina.

Now as an enforcer you have most likely to have chosen Atrox as your breed template. Like myself I am an Atrox adventurer.

The other day I managed to equip a 220 brain ( 716 Intelligence ) at level 208.

My concern is the higher level symbiants will be a struggle to equip as an Atrox. Already I am trying to get into QL 240 symbiants that require 781 in 3 base abilities and as an Atrox it is simply impossible. I am still 60 points short in Sense after some SERIOUS twinking. At an increase of 10 points in base abilities p/level ( Atrox have Sense, Pyshic and Intelligence as deep blue skills, i.e. these raise only 10 points rather than 20 like green base abilities. )  thats another 6 levels.

In short I won't be able to equip QL 240 implants until level 215. As an Atrox I have no hope at all of equipping QL 300 symbiants at lvl 220.

I believe this will become more of an issue as people start using symbiants. I doubt treatment will be the issue, but one of the dark blue base abilities. For an Atrox Sense, Pyshic or Intelligence. Already I have nearly 800 in Stamina, Strength and Agility, but my dark blue skills barely pass 560. ( At the time of writing I am level 209 )


not to mention that an Atrox dark blue/blackish abilities are capped at 600... I think that actually leaves out more than QL 300 Aban implants. THe 260 Vital Thigh symb (leg) has 1106 reqs, one of them being Int... I haven't done any serious calcs on what I could get in int, but I doubt I can buff it 400ish when it's capped.

Someone, somewhere posted something bout getting more "types" of symbs to choose from, like XXXX unit bhotar, XXXX unit Chi and I guess you can figure out the last unit :p The question is wether or not these symbs will have 3 ability reqs (most likely) and what these abilities will be.

One possibility is that the SL towers/guardians will buff abilities as well as skills... anyone know anything about SL towers?


just did a rough calcualtion and at 220 you can get aprox 800ish int as a trox. I guess you can blitz QL 300 clusters (or the QL high enough to get into a QL 300 regualr imp), which will give about 50 more than a QL 200 imp set. Still 250ish short in getting a 260 leg symb in.


Quote from: "Throxar"THe 260 Vital Thigh symb (leg) has 1106 reqs...

I think the req's. on higher level symbiants are bugged, but if we cap out at 600, that is going to leave us Atrox with a SERIOUS shortfall in base abilities.

I wonder how other breed templates fair ? Nanomage NT's with dark blue in Strength and Stamina, can they make the requirements for their high level symbiants ?


Quote from: "tcollings"
I think the req's. on higher level symbiants are bugged,

I really hope they are, but according to jades, the 260 thigh has been updated in 15.05 with lower reqs than in the 15.0 patch. THe old req was 1197, the new one is 1106.

Quote from: "tcollings"but if we cap out at 600, that is going to leave us Atrox with a SERIOUS shortfall in base abilities.

Well I have only used the new skill emulator to check the breedcaps, so I don't know for sure is 600 is atrox breed caps.


Bit of simple maths:


10 points increase in dark blue skills x 11 ( number of levels I have left until 220 ) = 110 points

+ 560 average dark blue base skill I now have = 670 Base Skills ( Which includes all modifying items i.e. Azure / Sent etc... )

+ 110 roughly from full 200 implants = 780... Still a good 220 short from meeting 1000 + reqs.

Would be interesting to find out what Myrielh's Dark Blue skills capped out at. Although I think she/he is Solitus ( do they have any dark blue base skills ? )


Solitus don't have dark blue skills, but they have lower str cap according to the skill emulator. (I know I shouldn't trust it, but it's all I got atm :p) Str caps out at 772 for Solitus while the other skills are capped out at 780. That's 180 more than us poor troxes got and then it's doable to get 1100ish I guess. There are rings and other SL stuff that adds to abilities, but most of them are NODROP unfortunalty. If I'm not wrong, those bosses in the catacombes drops various rings that adds to different abilities, and altho these mobs aren't that hard, you prolly have to camp the place to get the right ring and the right QL and... and... and... *sob* another camp-a-thon...

If I ever get my hands on some of these implants and are within range of equipping them, I'll prolly untrain 13 perk points and tain Enhanced DNA nad Freak strenght if I have to...


Here are the breed caps as i got them :

Strength - 912
Agility - 780
Stamina - 912
Intelligence - 600
Sense - 600
Psychic - 600

Strength - 772
Agility - 780
Stamina - 780
Intelligence - 780
Sense - 780
Psychic - 780

Strength - 664
Agility - 664
Stamina - 748
Intelligence - 912
Sense - 780
Psychic - 912

Strength - 764
Agility - 944
Stamina - 680
Intelligence - 764
Sense - 912
Psychic - 748

Atrox total...........4404
Solitus total.........4672
Nanomage total..4680
Opifex total.........4812

More then 400 total skill point an opi has over an atrox! How lovely!

As i see it it is no cap it is just +20/level for green +15/level for light blue +10/level for dark blue.

Takin a trox as example:
(20*20)+512=912 str/stam
(20*15)+480=780 Agil
(20*10)+400=600 int/sense/psy

Easy as 1+1 but doesn't really work with the stats req. on armor/symbs.... not enough after thoughts from the devs on that imho.