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QL 125 "Gunk"

Started by Jayhawk, December 29, 2003, 12:12:39 am

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December 29, 2003, 12:12:39 am Last Edit: July 28, 2007, 07:19:21 pm by Ultranova
Data reflects spawning and killing of this Pb 20 times.

Difficulty Level: Myth... (Updated guide to understanding these terms)

*Note* Drops on patterns are low

*Note* Bosses are on a 25min respawn


Level 130 Boggy Girder
Pos: 1521.0, 165.4, 3.0, Area: The Temple Bog.

Level 130 Quaggy Girder
Pos: 1582.9, 274.4, 3.3, Area: The Temple Bog.

Level 130 Dirty Girder
Pos: 1394.5, 336.2, 4.0, Area: The Temple Bog.

Level 130 Sloughy Girder
Pos: 1458.1, 411.4, 3.0, Area: The Temple Bog.


Very Common
QL 100 Breathing Right Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban ( BreathingRAI )

QL 120 Prevailing Feet Symbiant, Support Unit Aban ( PrevailingFS )
QL 130 Residing Ocular Symbiant, Control Unit Aban ( ResidingOC )

QL 130 Residing Right Wrist Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban ( ResidingRWA )

QL 140 Running Ocular Symbiant, Control Unit Aban ( RunningOC )

Very Rare

Super Rare
QL 160 Working Ocular Symbiant, Control Unit Aban ( WorkingOC )

Unconfirmed (Other Sources indicate it drops however I've yet to confirm it)
QL 170 Active Feet Symbiant, Support Unit Aban ( ActiveFS )

Quote from: Jayhawk on December 29, 2003, 12:12:39 am
Original Post
Finally got my Gunk blueprint together and spawned it with a friend who supplied the last piece needed...and it was a dud. Doh!



Ok, here is the info all you engis have been waiting for. On my third try Gunk wasn't a dud, he dropped:

1 x Residing right wrist symbiant, artillery
1 x Running Ocular symbiant, Control




Where exactly can i find the patterns ?


Scheol, south of the unredeemed temple and under the bridge leading to the temple. They drop from the rafter bosses there. The painful thing is that the bosses drop patterns about as often as normal mobs of other types, and most often you get patterns for Ooze instead of Gunk. It will be an engineer and trader campfest, no doubt.



I'll gladly trade all the gunk patterns I have for 1 or 2 Bhotar pattern of Ooze... been there for a while now and they wont drop my Bhotar damnit  :evil:


I think I had one on an alt, Throxar. I owe you one. ;)



Prevailing feet, Support to add to the list

Just to reiterate the drop rate of Gunk is very low.  There are 4 rafter/girder bosses on a 25 minute timer.  You will be lucky if you get one gunk pattern per hour (2 waves ish).


killed it two times for a guildmate...

1. kill: eye, feet

2. kill: 2*eye, feet
Hal Tleilax Cifuentes - OT Nobel Prize Engineer
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Hey Tleilax

Dount forget to say, I collect the 2 Pattern over a week long for this result. :)

At the first 6 Day i killed over 60 Bosses of GUNK for 3 Pattern of typ B,C and D.

Then at the 7. Day i found 2 A Pattern in 2 Gunk Bosses.

I here from other, they have spent time for 144 Bosses, befor they loot a komplete Pattern Set. The Respawn Time is 20 Minutes for every one of the 4 exist Bosses. So you must calculate a long time for Gunk killing.
The Drop rate is very low.


Yes well, the drop rate sure is fun ain't it? ;P  I'm only about 16 or so bosses down and no sign of any gunk patterns.

Quote from Ooze thread:

Quote from: "Throxar"actually got some gunk there the other day, but gunk also drop S of ergo right?

Can anyone confirm or deny this?  Do gunk patterns drop south of ergo?  I assume from the rafters/girders there?  :?


if it drops near ergo, it has a truly low droprate there too ... and there is only one rafter boss .....


There are actually 4 rafter bosses south of ergo, but I have not seen them drop gunk/ooze patterns only flinty/tough patterns. I would imagine you should stick to the ones in the temple bog area if you want this pattern


This is very hard to camp, patterns drop like 20%, and the 160 control eye is just a dream... bleh


Anyone ever saw 160 eye? According to PB web it SHOULD drop... but #@%@#%


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