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QL 255 Razor The Battletoad

Started by ninj00, December 26, 2003, 10:14:41 pm

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Name: Razor The Battletoad
QL: 255
Type: Dragon
Attacks/Nanos: ?
Pattern drop location: Jagged Slithers, Jagged Slither boss Maar and Hydra unique Death Wing in NW Penumbra.
Reported loot:

found a few patterns on a named Slither mob @ the jagged slither hunting area ,


Yes, though it can't be spawned for a few reasons  :x


ql 255, hehe yeah... good luck getting that done before people start hitting 220  :roll:


The only problem is really the incarnator, found a 260 empty crystal that dropped off the named hecklers in Scheol (they can be filled by anyone too). But afaik there is no 260 CT on RK.


Scheol? Hmm, nice loot tables  :roll:


The loot table is correct. This part of Scheol is not accessible to lowbies.
Or maybe for fouls and suicidals.


Found a part on a normal slither as well unless we are totally mistaken. That is not on Maar (the named boss) but on a slither around him.



Got complite pattern on Rk2
Any ideas how to spawn?



Quote from: "Docgalaad"The loot table is correct. This part of Scheol is not accessible to lowbies.
Or maybe for fouls and suicidals.

enlighten me on this please. where are these hecklers on 'spheremap' and what stops lowbies from going there
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Scheol Lower, dont get on the bridge (under the hanging orange head thingie) and turn to the east, go full east on this elevated passageway.
You will reach a place with named croakers like Tcheser , Neferu, Tchet.
They drop Iunmin and Marem patterns btw. Once you are there, go find a portal, on the eastern aerolithe.

Then, You will be transported to different floating rocks, more east each time. During this travel, you will encounter Hecklers, Horrors, and Demons with greek names, those are 205-230, far higher than the other mobs of the area and of course harder to fight. A good team can defeat them one by one, but not a 130ish team (average level of the players in this area, the reason of my first post).

At the end of the named brinkmob series, you can choose between two portals. The eastern one leads to Keffalonia, a triple headed dragon 240ish with nasty crits/nukes about 7K+. One of the hardests Lord of the Voids-Like mob in SL. It has been defeated several times but didnt drop anything interesting yet.

If you chose the western portal, then you will go back to "Through Earth and Stone". The subarea, under the second pyramid, completly at the opposite of Scheol Lower, on the West side.


That place is seriously freaky. I`ve been there a few times soloing the easier hecklers(Naxos or what he is called and that other horror dude). Whats interesting, is that they dont aggro me even though they are yellow/Orange to me.

There`s an Island Heckler there, but everytime I try to kill him I get aggroed by that nasty Samson or what he is called, and he kills me right away.


Hey! you stole my original avator :P


It should be a requirement that everyone use that avatar.