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Notum-Infused Chimera Pistol

Started by CowzKilla, December 24, 2003, 07:05:23 am

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guess Notum-Infused Chimera Pistol is upgrade for Chimera Pistol.
somebody knoz how to do it?  :wink:
sry for noObz topic ^.^


Hrm didn't realize you could even upgrade it.  Best bet would be hitting with some random notum pieces (chips etc) and see if it works.  If I had to guess it probably will need a canister of pure liquid notum.  Wild guess though.


Need a high enough QL piece when you put it together.  I believe the Soul Stone.  To make the Notum Infused Silvertail Dagger you merely need a QL 10 horn and you end up with a Notum Infused Silvertail Dagger.


i dont think its upgradeable past level 15 otherwise it would be nice to see a ql 200


Only exists in the database to 15.  So no ql 200.


notum infused is nothing else then the ql 15 version. means if you craft and end up with ql 15 , its called notum infused.


any1 know where to get these high level ingredients? these weapons are brilliant for noobs up to about level 25 or so so i would love to hear where you can get say ql 10 spider shanks ^^


These are parts that drop from the mobs in Nascence Newbie Training Area. Maybe those red boss chimeras near the demon cave on the west side could drop a ql 10+ chimera leg? Which if you read the description of the gun is what you need.