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QUEST : Scheol -> Adonis ( + 3 ) Ring

Started by herodotus2, September 17, 2003, 03:15:01 pm

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This is taken from some rough notes I made. The better walk-through is on the AIL forums atm, but they are down. So I've had to patch this together to give you all a bit of a hand.

First off head to Ergo. he is located way way north in Scheol. It can be a real pain to get to the first couple of times until you familarise yourself with the route. You have to work your way through a complex set of walkways and pathways deep in a cave within the mountains of Scheol.

Once you have located Ergo. speak to him. He asks you to bring him an "Antigravitional Monitor". This CANNOT be found. It needs to be made :D

To make it you need the following 4 items :

Antigavitational Metal Sphere
Navi's Multi-Gyro Component
Ravin's Multi-Gyro Component
Widget to Gadget

Step 1:

Antigavitational Metal Sphere
Can be looted off some demons at "Rock Bottom" within the cave

Navi's Multi-Gyro Component & Ravin's Multi-Gyro Component
Drop in the same place. On top of a "pyramid". Easiest way to access the pyramid is look for its 'roots' ( blue shiny rod thigs ) in the cave. They descend very deep into the cavern and at the bottom of it is a portal. Jump on it to zone to the top. Kill lots of mobs. Voila :D

Widget to Gadget
Currently a camping nightmare. This can be located at the Un-Reedemed temple on the South East Side of Scheol, and is located in the Spirit room. ( The spirit rooms are located beyond the 2 front rooms when you enter any temple ). The spirit rooms have passage's leading off them. You need to take the North Passage.

Step 2 :

Once you have all 4 of these items you then need to go to speak to Leading Blossom, leader of small Yutto's village close to the Twiglight Basin here in lower Scheol.

To get to him find the lower basement ( a rim of spiders, around a massive crater, deep deep within the mountain ). On the NE side of the rim is a portal below, you have to jump into it. Zone through and make your way down to the garden. There you will find "Leading Blossom". Give him the pieces and in return he will give you the "Antigravitational Monitor"

Step 3 :

With your new Antigravitational Monitor head back to Ergo and give him it. He will give you a Mark of ( something ) and a mission key.

BEFORE you do the mission, you will need to farm 6 x Soul Globes. These can be gotten from killing ANY spirit in the area just before Ergo.

With your 6 Soul Globes and your new mission key, make your way to the "Halls of Trial" ( Next room on from Ergo. ) and enter the blue light :D

Kill some mobs in a mission, and sooner or later you will come across a "Soul Hungry Demon"... speak to him DO NOT kill him :D

Give him the 6 Soul Globes and bammh! a massive demon pops out from no where. Kill this sucker and you get a Demonic Spike. Exit the mission.

Head back to Ergo. Give him the Demonic Spike, the Mark of (something) which you got earlier, and your +2 ring, and voila! new +3 ring and access to Adonis.


We did this Ring in 3hrs max,

The only thing i had a problem with is Finding Ergo at the end,  I feel off once i entered Adonis (pfft) and i`m still trying to find my way back to him :(
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It should be noted that Navi and Ravin's pieces drop in different areas now.

Ravin's piece now drops at an identical tower in Upper Scheol. This tower is located just before the portal to Lower Scheol. It will be extremely obvious to find if you simply run to or from this portal. You don't use a lift to get to the top, just run up the mountain path.

Navi's still drops at the location described above in Upper.
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heya tryed to start the quest but i cant seem to find "Rock Bottom", can any1 help me with that ? :)

thx ILF