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UNIQUE : Anasi's Child and Right Hand

Started by herodotus2, December 14, 2003, 05:47:51 am

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Decided to kill these last night. Pet power rules... that's all I say :D

Drops QL 255 'nvame' Pocket Boss Patterns and Guardian Faction.

Nothing much else.

Anasi's Child

Anasi's Right Hand


Generals Right Hand..
Harbringer of The General

PH's for PW General bosses..

Anasi's Child

Anasi's Right Hand

Willing to bet all my cash these are placeholder mobs.


If they are, i wouldnt want to take on Anasi any time soon :) He's probably pretty tough.

Theres alot of "uncalled" inferno loot left. So the possibility of a mob which drops lewt is pretty high.

Looking from hero's current credits. I believe he's intrested in that bet, he could use some.


Anasi will drop the Scimitars for the Advs. Dont get me pinned if its wrong, some ppls spread Rumors...
But then, i heard the 1750 Tokenboard would drop somewhere in Belial^^


FYI token board

Hollow island - random type drop.  Faunlore's got a decent write up.
I thinks it's the 5-6 boss? not sure.  :?


lil' correction on the Hollow Island Token board thing.

1750 Token Boards drop from the Hollow Island weed @ Hollow Island in BF

Once you have passed all 10 Tiers the Hollow Island Weed will spawn.

Hopefully you will have killed all the lvl 10 adds, and will be free to work on the weed add free. You have a limited amount of time before it will spawn the Brood Mother and Hollow Island Suzerain.

If your quick enough you can kill the weed, before these spawn.

Once the weed is dead, TMS/Bio/NS up so you can loot, since ALOT of adds will spawn which you cannot do anything about it.

Token Boards are a guaranteed drop from the Hollow Island Weed.

If you loot an omni one you can trade it for a clan one by talking to a special leet that roams the beech. There are a few of these and you only have a limited amount of time to complete the trade.

1) Because they despawn
2) Because you won't survive long chatting to a leet, whilst getting pounded on by a gazillion adds.  :shock:

These are the token board trades :

Quote from: "Sheffy"Omni Soldier/Agent == Clan MA
Omni MA == Clan Soldier/Agent
Omni Doc/NT == Clan Enf
Omni Enf == Clan Doc/NT
Omni Advent/Fixer == Clan Advent/Fixer
Omni Engi/Trader == Clan Engi/Trader
Omni MP/Crat == Clan MP/Crat

NOTE: As a 214 adventurer, full def, in parrot form I am free to fly around the adds without getting hit. So trading with a Vegetarian Leet is quite easy.


Damn - left me in the informational dust!  :D

Just shows how much i'm missing - guild and I have doane several raids with 2-3 teams.  A few of us got the 1750 - but i wasn't one.  :?

ANd i still have a hell of alot of farming in Pen to do to break 1750 tokens.  You guys do know about the token farming you can do with the first part of the sanctuary quest?  Just start the quest and clear the missions you get and you get about  8 mission tokens.  I get 9 points for a mission token i think - so 72 every two hours, thats the usual time it takes to complete all the missions.  It's been a while sisnce i did it, and i think you dont; want to try it over lvl 201 because the mobs go grey and it's harder to get teh mission complete percentage.

Anyhoo - thanks for the clarification T ,  appreciate it greatly.  The onfo on tradeing the sided ones will be a geat help.