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October 27, 2021, 11:37:26 pm

220+ novictum

Started by Kardesh, December 02, 2003, 03:32:24 pm

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hi, we have now sarted the quest for the garden of Mordeth and we has the first pattern complet but now wh have the same problem like Penumbra the droprate of the needet Novictum is so crap or we have no luck in finding it  :roll:

anybody find yet 220+ Novictum at inferno  :?:


did you find some 210ish? if yes plz let me(us) know that would really help  :P
Advisor of Nemesis


we didnt find any novictum in inferno yet...
nothing droped from Spirits and Spirit bosses and nothing from Spirit hunter and bosses  :?


Have you guys checked for spirit dungeons in Adonis and Penumbra? I know for sure there are lvl 140ish dungeons as early as Elysium, and in there they drop up to lvl 180ish novictum. Ought to be some dungeons in Scheol, Adonis, Penumbra or Inferno with higher lvl spirits that could drop really high lvl novictum.



spirit dungeons in Elysium and Adonis max 205 novictum as i know 210+ novictum drops from the 4 spiritbosses in Penumbra.
Any moments ago we found a 187 novictum in a 210 Spirit Boss....


I probably got insanely lucky there, but I got 1 QL227 and 1 QL230 novictum from 2 kills from the spirits just inside inferno, near the portal. So they do drop there, but I suspect that's hardly representative of the normal drop rate.


Grats, Ataur. I think that's almost as rare as killing a leet and getting two GA IV nanos, or at least that's the impression I have after reading about how difficult it is. hehe...



'near the portal' 'inside inferno' very low information... could you give us more hint? :D


Those must be the 195 spirits just after the portal from penumbra, pass the imps and there they are, killed a bunch got nothing.

As it was already mentionned i believe novictum drops in certain timestamp and do not anymore for some time, i already found 3 ql 185+ in 25 mins, and had no luck another time in more then 2 hours.



Well, its "random" drop.

Random is based on time. But usually microtime which flickers about a million times a second.


Found 239/232 Novictum @Unredeemed/Redeemed Tempel Spirit Room


The Droprate of the high ql Novi is miserable.
ql 230 about 0,05%. So they Drop like one of the Spec 3 Book in Adonis underwater Temple. Spec 3 Book 4 dropped once in 2000 Kills, which is a chance about 0,05%.

I have camped in Mordeth Temple till i got 43 k Faction, killed Spirits between the Mordeth Raids an found a ql 198 Novi...


Yesterday, i camped 1 hour in mordeth temple :
1ql 151 Novictum (omg !!)
1ql 179 Novictum
1ql 220 Novictum
1ql 227 Novictum

I killed a lot of spirits in two month in this temple, but never seen more than QL230 Novictum there.


Got a QL 253 novi off a l 215ish dragon dyna boss in inferno


actualy ...the drop rate is pretty good in inf dungeon ( @ mordeth in the spirit room ) 1 -2 hrs of camping could get u 2-3 ql 210+ novi
highest ql i looted is a 244
good luck  :wink: