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QL 180 Srahir

Started by shesaid, December 01, 2003, 05:57:29 pm

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Baracus (RK-3)

Dropped :

Living Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit Aban QL 210
Enduring Chest Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban QL 190

Mfg Bara


Killed once

210 support brain
210 support eye

Got on my first kill must be lucky

I have been on 20+ kills of this since and got nothing i was just lucky first time


11 kills , 0 symbs 8 monsterparts and some coral .


hard to get pattern for rangeclasses 203+ because of running-aways
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1 x 190 Support Brain
1 x 170 Extermination Foot


Quotehard to get pattern for rangeclasses 203+ because of running-aways
was stay at 202 special for it  :D and

Surviving Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit Aban

2nd and 3rd were empty  :cry:
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3 Srahir kills resulted in:
1xLiving Support Brain (ql210)
2xGrowing Support Eyes (ql200)
2xEnduring Support Brains (ql190)

So this guy pleased a total of 3 docs over 3 kills.. yummeh  :D


Quote from: "Baracus (RK-3)"Pattern drop in "the pipe" :

Chilliy guest

those droppen Fragment of the Source very Often too.

Mfg Baracus  :evil:

What's the drop rate on the patterns?? Killed each one twice and not a single pattern...


The drop rate on the patterns is rather low. I spent some time on camping Chilly Gust on sunday, only two dropped from the boss itself and seven from the Adumbrate Shadows around it. Which amounts to a grand total of nine pieces in about nine hours, during which I also found 28 fragments of the source.

I'm a bit SL-gimped considering me (level 183 doctor) using a Pain of Patricia (which does ok damage on many penumbra mobs, but not on the hiathlins around Esanell, which is why I only killed the shadows), but I was still able to kill all of the Adumbrate Shadows + Chilly Gust before respawn. So if you can kill all of them plus the hiathlins you might get the same results in half the time.

Interesting side note: DoTs seam to heal Chilly Gust instead of doing damage.
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So, what's a nice bullet like yours doing in a mob like this?


Does it ever drop off the little mobs at the dyna camps, or just those 2 bosses? I've killed them a bunch of times and have 5 of just B Srahir, none of the others.


Each boss has 25% chance to drop (20 minutes pop = 1,5 patterns/hour).
And you have almost 100% chance to have a piece of pattern if you wipe the entire camp (Hiathlin + Shadows) bringing your chance to loot @ 4,5 patterns/hour in average.

Pieces are cyclic. So you can spend 6 hours in a row and never see a C part. Then, after a pause,  4x C in a row are dropping. Then A, etc.

After 36 hours of camping, i had more or less the same amount of pattern for each piece. To say there is a hard piece is a wrong sentiment.

Is it helpful ?


I don't fully understand the cyclic part.


Like on a lot of dynaboss, the pattern are not dropping randomly. The shuffling has a good chance to let the same piece to drop twice in a row, or even more.

Here is a possible sequence of drops, from the same dynacamp:

Is it more clear ? I apologize if my bad english skill ruined my explaination.

PS: This sequence is the real sequence i had 2 days ago when i camped there.


One kill.

Erxi looted <a href="itemref://236052/236052/220">Persisting Feet Symbiant, Extermination Unit Aban</a> from Remains of Srahir.
Erxi looted <a href="itemref://236071/236071/210">Living Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit Aban</a> from Remains of Srahir.
Erxi looted <a href="itemref://236070/236070/200">Growing Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit Aban</a> from Remains of Srahir.