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QL 180 Zoetic Oak

Started by Evilmojo, November 24, 2003, 01:54:08 pm

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Also me solitus doc have equiped 220er brian with lvl 207... also isnt impossible to equip this nice 220er waist that got 7% ncr .... problem is only to get this one.....  I got alrady 5 complete bluptrints of Imk ... hope one of 'em drop it ....


QL 200 Growing ear symbiant, support unit aban
QL 220 Persisting ear symbiant, support unit aban


ql 220 Persisting Brain, Support x4
ql 230 Vigorius Brain, Support x1
ql 220 Persisting Ear, Support x1

/me does the happy dance  :lol:


Another one ....

- 220er left Arm artillery x2
- 200er Eye Infantry x2
- 200er Chest artillery


first kill:
4 * growing ear, support
1 * awakened ear, support
1 * awakened chest, Artillery

second kill:
1 * persisting (220) brain, support
2 * growing ear, support


heh from what I see someone was either lucky or it's raining brains :)


One kill and one drop: 1x 180 ear sup.