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QL 185 The Brobdingnagian Mother

Started by herodotus2, November 20, 2003, 02:28:52 am

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Name: The Brobdingnagian Mother
QL: 185
Type: Duck :)
Attacks/Nanos: ?
Pattern drop location: ?
Reported loot:
QL 110 Surviving Left Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban

Looks like a giant rubber duck - Im serious :D

Drops these Surviving Left Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban ( QL 110 ) Everytime




does somebody found Mickeymouse or Donald Duck patterns?  :lol:


little offtopic , but what skin u use @ sparegris ?

looks nice


The Novictalized Crystal is bugged when used by a female MP Nanomage sitting.
It does not disappear and you can indefinatly respawn this pocket boss.
BTW the MP does not lose his HP when spawning it.  :wink:

Other reminder, this mob existed on RK, the older players knew it
as "The Aquaan Queen" and was on the south shore of Newland Lake.
A lot of newbies died aggroing her ;)
By the lack of imagination or we dunno why, funcom removed the two
special mobs swimming in this lake and the Aquaan Queen aswell.
All data about them remained on our HDD during more than a year,
and SL rescussitated the queen as "The Brobdingnagian Mother" for our
pleasure. Still not a great use but funny.   :D



the aquaan queen can now be found in missions as well


Quote from: "blablub"little offtopic , but what skin u use @ sparegris ?

looks nice

its called ShadowHUD - > URL thingy here


er huh dont know if this happens intentionally but we were in pen one day killing hecklers and someone must have spawned a bunch of these cause we ran ionto 3 of them and they all dropped the same symb



ROFL. i used it 3 times on Pen Incarnator. it spawned like 500PBs.. glad they didnt aggro me. but i had some fun by pulling them all everywhere tho... hahhaha


Yeah ...  My org and I went to use the incarnator in western Adonis a bit back and there were around 10 of these sitting around the Incarnator.  Not sure if it's been fixed since the patch.


Two kills. Each of them gave 6x 150 LW inf.