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QL 185 The Stupendous Breeder

Started by herodotus2, November 20, 2003, 02:25:33 am

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Currently bugged.

Incarnator swallows the Crystal, but doesn't spawn the mob :(


Did this one the other day, it incarnated but didn't take the spawner's hitpoints or the crystal.  Our spawner accidentally popped 2 from the same crystal at once because he didn't think it worked the first time.

So it's bugged still, but you can pop it now.

Killed it 3 times before getting bored, always dropped working left wrist symbiant, infantry unit.
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want to try it, any location for patterns ?


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Only dropped:

working left wrist symbiant, infantry unit

Docxtreme, Rimor2, Eternalist


Two kills

Kill 1: 6x 160 LW inf.

Kill 2: 3x 160 LW inf.