QUEST : Adonis Clan Garden Quest ( Perma - Key ) COMPLETED

Started by herodotus2, September 15, 2003, 12:24:46 am

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Ecclesiast Gill Jha - Redeemed Village East Coast.
Talk to him, get letter

Take a letter to Gil Ilad-Ulma ( Next Room )

Dialogue from Sipius Gil Ilad-Ulma
"Start with the wicked Jorr-Thrak Dal and Urga-Yutt Dal in the village of the enemy. Whenever there has been mischief, they have always been involved."


Step 3 :

Jorr-Thrak Dal and Urga-Yutt Dal  Located at : 1601 x 908 Adonis City
2 Portals ( left and right ) one inside each .

Killing these mobs eventually leads to them dropping a Note

WARNING: Possible Camp-a-thon, 15 min timer on spawn, and they don't always drop the note.

Step 4 :

Talk to Ecclesiast Gil Jha, hand him the note.


"First you shold locate these Arcks mentioned in the note. I have received word from the Acolyte that there are two Arks. One is standing on a platform and the other is wrekced, with parts spread all over the area. "

".. You must find both" "Then take the note you have brought me, and give it to the Diviner, Gil Ulma-Duna, in the Garden. He will tell you more, and tell you how you may aid the Diviners. For now, take this insignia. You may offer it at the statue of Gilthar to gain entrance to His garden..."

The Ancient Control Panel ( One of the Arks ) is located at 2802 2533 "The Platforms" ( the kinda 2 massive black "spaceship" looking things on the East Coast ). Warning: There is some green stuff that aggro's :D

Second Ancient Control Panel is at :
1671 x 3023 Piercing Tundra on the Island next to the 3 small ones ( Ice ) Is the last one, its a bit camoflaged )

After targetting both ( It's a locate mission )

Head back to the Diviner in the garden and voila. Diviner Gil Yeol-Ulma is location in the garden at 478 x 270

Hand him the Note, and you get the Perma Key :D


Spawn time on Notes mobs is actually 20 mins :)

Also, know that there are 2 Ecclestiasts, and only the one in the South room gives the Quest. The other one just opens a trade window :p


When you say Redeemed Village East Coast, do you mean Acropolis, the white structures b4 it on the east coast or Gilthars sanctuary?
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There is a redeemed temple on the East Coast I believe it is called Acropolis, as you enter the village towards the back there is a stone bridge to an island off of the East Coast. The NPC you are looking for is inside.


yes its called Acropolis :)


Ok, to make step 1 more clear...

Head to the Redeemed Village on the East Coast. It's the second white building area extreme NE, have to run back across the rocks to get to it. It's an area called Acropolis.

Head inside to the first room, the run to the next.
Run up the looong staricase.

In one room, you'll find Ecclesiast Gill Jha
Talk to him, get letter.

Take this letter to Gil Ilad-Ulma
In my case, this toon was standing right next Ecc Gill Jha.

Beware that the third room up here has spirits in it who will gank your butt.

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never mind, I found out how to do the dalja quest. :)
yada yada yada


I am so bad when it comes to coords, do you have map, it would help those of us that have a hard time with coords,
Thank you for your time and patience   :lol:


coords are a big help help how about screenies of map locations?


I just finished the quest and thought it would be helpful to have a map screenie of the coords:

1. Ecclesiast Gill Jha and Gil Ilad-Ulma
2. Jorr-Thrak Dal and Urga-Yutt Dal - 2 Portals ( left and right ) one inside each
3. Ancient Control Panel is located at 2802 2533 "The Platforms"
4. Second Ancient Control Panel / 1671 x 3023 Piercing Tundra on the Island next to the 3 small ones

Hope that helps :mrgreen:


Finnished the quest, thanks a lot :)   Map helped much.


could you tell me how to reach the 3rd Step ? i didnt find a way there :roll:

k got it


what way is the fastest to travle between point 3 and 4.

I cant find a way to reach the Island at point 4.

Plz help me on this  :(


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